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365 Reasons Why I Love You

365 Reasons Why I Love You

Romantic gestures are important when dating or in marriage—they let the other person know you care. One way to share your feelings is by putting together a list of “365 reasons why I love you.

You can write a new reason each day and present it to your significant other the same day, or gift a box or booklet of 365 reasons why you love him or her on a special occasion (like New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or his or her birthday). You can have them look through it either all at once, or have them read only one reason each day of the year (talk about the gift that keeps on giving!).

My list is for the most special person in my life: my husband. My family and children are so fantastically wonderful, but I loved him first, I loved him longest, and will continue to love him until the day after forever. So here are my 365 reasons why I love my husband of 22 years, and my best friend for 27.

Some of these are why there is still a spark after so long, and others are just the reason for the longevity. Feel free to use them for yourself. The greatest gift of writing these for my husband would be to inspire others to show their appreciation of their own partners and to better notice all of the little things that add up to mean really big things.

365 Reasons Why I Love You

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