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they collect signatures to stop him from remaking the chainsaw man anime

they collect signatures to stop him from remaking the chainsaw man anime

A week ago, we reported that a group of Japanese fans had launched a signing event. MAPPA Studio Asked To Reboot Chainsaw Animated Project, But With A Different Directoraccording to the arguments in the petition, these fans believe that the director “I can’t understand Tatsuki Fujimoto’s works“, and your address is completely faked to show a product that does not represent the original work.

As of this writing, nearly 2,000 people have signed the petition, but Now there is a “counterclaim”another group of fans, to show that someone agrees with the director’s vision Zhongshan dragon but chainsaw manthey launched The second request stops the firstyes, is to ask MAPPA not to remake the adaptation of Chainsaw. Weird, isn’t it?

This new requirement is not as justified as before, and Many of the points mentioned are very vague in that they do not represent rebuttal arguments for mentioning the reorganization petition.for example, in this new petition that “This series is going to be a hit, so, well done’, but this was not denied in the first petition. Indeed, many of the points were the product of good marketing, but There was no coherent rebuttal to the first request.

Let’s review the points made by the fanbase supporting the director Zhongshan dragon,

  • Extreme fans have signed a petition to reboot the animated project. However, although there are many people who love animation, they impose their own interpretations and call for animation’s revival. Some people feel uncomfortable when they receive an email asking for a signature. We want to stop this kind of upsetting for Chainsaw fans.
  • While those calling for a remake of the animation see it as a failure due to its unpopularity on the forums (a fairly small community), the truth is that it was a success for the following reasons:
    • The maximum number of viewers on the distribution site.
    • The product is selling well.
    • He has worked with many companies.
    • Screenwriter Tatsuki Fujimoto is satisfied with the adaptation.
    • Most fans were also pleased with the quality of the animation.
    • The sales of manga have increased due to animation.
    • Dominate Google search rankings.
  • “Such a good anime, do you really want to complain about it?”, “It’s the iron-blooded Chainsaw fans who are suffering”, “It’s just as anime otaku expect”, and other opinions emerge one after another. We will distribute the collected signatures to the first petition leader in the hope that they will drop out of their own signature collection program. Even if you haven’t read the original manga, but you like the anime, please sign it.
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chainsaw summary

The story takes place in a world where demons threaten the peace of humanity, making them targets for extermination. Denji is a depressed young man who sells his many organs and works as a lumberjack and demon hunter to pay off his late father’s debts. Denji has a dog named Pochita (also a demon) on a leash who does his work.

This has been explained because humans can make a pact with demons. After returning home from get off work, Denji is called by the yakuza to sneak into the building and kill another demon. However, as part of an underworld pact with the devil, the plan is a trap to assassinate him, giving him even more power. But Pochita came to help Denji and bonded with him, becoming half-human, half-demon and getting Pochita’s chains.

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© Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / MAPPA

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