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4 things to do after a flight is delayed

Has your flight been delayed? Aircraft delay This situation is not uncommon, especially for people who travel frequently. However, what do you do when you find yourself in this situation? This article highlights some of the most important things you should do.

1. Know your air passenger rights

Did you know that if your flight is delayed, you are entitled to a cash compensation of 250 to 600 Euros? EU Regulation 261/2004? If you don’t know this, you will only have to deal with the delay and eventually move on as if nothing happened. This is what many people do. But what if you have a chance to be compensated for the wasted time? First understand your rights on domestic and international flights.

If the cause of the delay is within the control of the airline, you are entitled to flight delay compensation under EU law. But this only applies if your flight departs from or lands in a country/region in the European Union, provided that the airline’s headquarters is in the European Union.

Before you wait for the rescheduled flight, you are also entitled to free meals and refreshments. If the delay is overnight, you have the right to book a hotel for free. If you want to refund your ticket at any time, you are also entitled to a partial or full refund.

If you experience a flight delay, knowing your rights can help you start taking next steps.

2. Act quickly

Now that your flight is delayed and you know your rights, what are you going to do next? First collect all the relevant documents that you need to submit for compensation. If you book a ticket through a travel agency or contact a travel consultant, please call your travel agency. If you have not received any notification from the airline about the delay, please call them to ask about the reason for the flight delay. If necessary, you can also rebook the flight. This is also the time to check the status of your connecting flight to see if the delay will affect it and how you can include it in your compensation claim.

3. Check the travel allowance of your credit card

Some credit cards offer free travel allowances, which you may find useful in this situation. This sometimes includes access to airport lounges to enjoy benefits such as free meals and WiFi access. Some other cards may also cover insurance, rebooking, or any other additional costs you may incur due to delays.

4. Talk to a travel advisor

Talking to a travel advisor will put you on the right path to take the next necessary steps. Travel advisors usually have a variety of tools to help, which may be the next best option in the event of a flight delay.

Bottom line

If you travel frequently, you may have to deal with flight delays at some point. Flight delay compensation It should be the next thing on your list so that you can be treated fairly as a passenger and compensated for wasted time.

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