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5 Best Gaming Mice in UAE 2023

Like all gaming peripherals, a mouse can declare you a winner or a loser. Input lag, low latency, and a non-slip feel are all concerns for PC gamers, where every second counts. The perfect mouse should support your playstyle and give your character a competitive edge, whether you prefer brisk first-person shooters (FPS) or adventurous role-playing games (RPG). So, what’s the best gaming mouse? According to our experts, comfort should be your top priority.

If this is your first experience with a gaming mouse, determine the type of mouse controller you have. Claws, palms, or fingertips? Behruz Sadullaev, technical support and IT specialist for Dzzrt eSports gaming club in Dubai and an avid gamer himself, told us that most manufacturers only make right-handed and ambidextrous mice.

“If you primarily use your fingertips to control your mouse, such as claw and fingertip grips, then choose an ambidextrous design, as a right-handed mouse can be stiff for you. Those with a palm grip can choose one of these,” says said Sadullaev, who has eight years of experience in the gaming industry.

gaming Mouse

If you’re primarily a multiplayer open-world gamer, look for more programmable buttons in your mouse.
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Then, look at the DPI (dots per inch) or the sensitivity of your mouse. The higher the DPI, the faster the cursor moves across the screen. Sadullaev says the speed you want depends on the type of game you play: “FPS players in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) prefer low DPI for precise crosshair shooting. In Dota and World of Warcraft, etc. In a strategic massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, you need a DPI of 12,000 or higher to move your character quickly.”

Another aspect of gaming mice is the programmable buttons on the side. These have to be durable enough to withstand the player’s eager thumb clicks, and they’re very useful in the mid-game. “In CS:GO, you can customize the buttons to quickly throw a grenade or turn on voice chat without touching the keyboard. But if you’re an MMO player, buy a mouse with at least eight buttons to Deploying many abilities and spells at once,” he said, adding that for shooter gamers, having too many buttons risks clicking the wrong one.

Once you’ve mastered these instructions, don’t shy away from a wireless gaming mouse if you’re on a budget, our experts say. Today’s best cordless models have zero lag and long battery life. “Most people prefer wired mice because they fear input lag, but well-known brands like Logitech G, Razer, and Corsair do offer zero lag,” Sadullaev said.

Dive into our list of the best gaming mice on Amazon below. Before shopping for the best deals online, Sadullaev recommends trying out a mouse for yourself, or poring over gamer reviews. We also refer to reviews to help you save time.Shopping main Become a member and try your new gaming mouse as soon as today or tomorrow.

1. Best Overall: Logitech G Pro X Ultralight Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • Weighs only 63 grams
  • Two programmable side buttons
  • Great for FPS or Competitive Gaming
  • One millisecond connection rate
  • Up to 70 hours of battery life


A personal favorite of our gaming experts, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is a 63-gram wireless gaming mouse designed for leading esports professionals. Its true zero latency makes it a winner in Sadullaev’s book. The mouse comes with a USB dongle that ensures a connection within 1 millisecond for gaming and gives you up to 70 hours of wireless experience. A HERO 25K sensor on the bottom ensures precise control and delivers a fast 25,600 DPI. Speaking of speed, the Pro X Superlight has a unique design under its belly that reduces physical friction on the mouse pad, allowing for fast movement. You have two programmable buttons on the side. Despite its eye-popping price, gamers have left five-star reviews for the Logitech G Mouse. FPS players, in particular, have received rave reviews, reporting excellent hand-eye coordination and up to a week of battery life.

2. Best compact wireless mouse: Razer Viper Ultimate


  • Comfortable claw and fingertip grip
  • DPI adjustable via a dedicated button below the mouse
  • 70-hour battery life
  • Wired and Wireless Form Factors


  • may be small for big hands

Another solid option is Razer’s Viper line, Sadullaev said. Thanks to its compact form factor, the corded and cordless Ultimate models are ideal for left-handed competitive players. Thanks to the 20,000 DPI sensor, it weighs just 74 grams, but is still light enough to fly over a mouse pad and take precise shots. To quickly switch between DPI sensitivities, turn the mouse to adjust the dedicated counter, from 400 to 3,200. Its infrared beam registers your winning hit in just 0.2 milliseconds! The two extra mouse buttons on the side are also programmable. Gamers claim that its 70-hour battery can run for two weeks and can be fully charged in just an hour. They also love that the RGB lighting can be customized to match their setup.

Warranty: Amazon is offering a one-year extended warranty for Dh23 and a two-year extended warranty for Dh38.

3. Best for MMO Gaming: Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite


  • 12 side buttons for keyboard shortcuts
  • Support for MMO games
  • Textured buttons are easier to navigate
  • Durable Braided Cable


  • complex software
  • Good for small hands, reviews say

Corsar’s Scimitar is designed for MMO players and has 17 programmable buttons. Imagine being able to unleash as many skills and abilities as you want at the push of a button without accessing any in-game controls. There can be a learning curve for this complex mouse, but experienced role-playing gamers in reviews say it helps keep their fingers from doing somersaults on the keyboard to perform a series of actions. The Scimitar Elite features a 16,000 DPI sensor and a sturdy braided cable for long-lasting use. Using iCue software, you can customize buttons, adjust sensitivity and control RGB lighting. Reviewers did note that the software could be more user-friendly.

4. Best Multi-Type Mouse: Steelseries Rival 5


  • Suitable for MMO and competitive games
  • Five programmable side buttons
  • Compatible with all grip styles
  • easy-to-use software
  • Two-meter mesh cable


The Rival 5 Gaming Mouse is the SteelSeries all-rounder, suitable for FPS and MMO gaming, and suitable for all grip styles. It has an ergonomic right-handed form factor with five quick-action side buttons. SteelSeries offers buyers sample button maps for games like CS:GO, Fortnite, and League of Legends, for a variety of genres. The Rival 5 is also suitable for users with claw, fingertip and palm grips, even if you have large hands, take note of the reviewers. With a maximum DPI of 18,000, true one-to-one tracking is achieved through its TrueMove Air sensor. Gamers in the reviews prefer the SteelSeries software because of its ease of use.

5. Best Budget: Glorious Gaming Mouse – Model O


  • Ideal for medium to large hands
  • As light as 67 grams
  • Two programmable side buttons
  • value for money


  • Honeycomb shells can collect dust

If you’re on a budget and occasionally want a gaming mouse, try the ambidextrous Glorious Model O. Sadullaev likes the honeycomb design because less material means a lighter mouse, and this one weighs just 67 grams. The shell also provides ventilation to prevent sweaty palms. Its 12,000 maximum DPI is more than enough to browse all genres, and can be adjusted on the fly. There are two side buttons that can be used to customize your preferred hotkeys. Additionally, the software is completely optional on the Model O as it is designed to be driver-free for plug-and-play convenience. Reviewers mention the lightness of the mouse in shooters and attest to the snappy clicks.

Our recommendations are independently selected by Gulf News editors. We may earn affiliate commissions if you decide to shop through links on our site because we are part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

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