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7 of the best home and travel finds you didn’t know you needed in the UAE in 2023


Just because something has been done the same way for years or even decades doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Take charging cables as an example. You don’t need to settle for long, tangled cables these days—some are as smart as the phones they power, with fast-charging capabilities and magnetic self-winding capabilities. Likewise, from colanders to candle clippers, you can buy plenty of clever updates to home and travel classics to make life a little easier. We scoured the social web for top finds and picked the best ones for you—they’ll surprise and entertain you, and add a lot of efficiency to your day-to-day work that you didn’t expect.become a senior member And get these gadgets early tomorrow!

1. Best for Charging: JJKKZVZ Magnetic USB-C Cable (2 Pack)

Say goodbye to tangled cables and wires that take minutes to pry open. Magnetic charging cables are a neat and practical solution — they fold into a neat spring, so you know exactly how much you need and the rest stays out of the way. JJKKZVZ’s cables feature fast charging; reviewers say they boosted their smartphone’s charge by 55% in just 30 minutes. With USB-C to USB-C compatibility, these cables can connect to most devices, from phones to tablets and laptops, making them extremely versatile.

2. Best for Travel: eLinkSmart Digital Padlock

Traveling soon? You might consider replacing your traditional suitcase lock with eLinkSmart’s Fingerprint Padlock. No more remembering passwords – just record your fingerprint and the padlock will unlock in a second. You can also authorize up to 15 different fingerprints so your whole family can have access. It’s a versatile little lock that can be used anywhere, whether it’s on a gym locker or an office cabinet. Reviewers cite the lock’s long battery life—it supports up to six months of standby time—meaning it can be opened more than 2,000 times. When the battery is running low, just plug the lock in with a USB charger or power bank.

3. Best Kitchen Tool: Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Pot Strainer

Do you end up throwing half your pasta in the sink when trying to filter your water? Kitchen Gizmo’s colander is perfect for such accidents. It’s easy to use and designed with clips that snap onto round pots, pans, and bowls of all sizes. Use in a variety of fruit, vegetable, and pasta shapes. Reviewers say it’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and it also takes up much less space in your cupboard than a standard colander.

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4. Most Hygienic: Fomin Antibacterial Paper Soap Flakes (100pcs)

A valuable addition to your tote, diaper bag, or backpack, these citrus soap flakes from Fomin feel like paper until you add water—then, they dissolve into a refreshing lather to keep your hands clean. They are lightweight, compact, portable, easy to use, made with natural ingredients and come in biodegradable packaging. Reviewers say they prefer Fomin’s orange soaps to the bottled alternatives offered on the plane because they don’t leave hands feeling overly dry.

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5. Best for Home Use: Homelux Candle Fire Extinguisher Clip-On (10 Count)

If you love candles but just can’t remember to put them out, this little trick is for you. These Swedish Clip Barrettes from Homelux are a modern take on an ancient invention. Use them on candle sticks, they bite into the flame and once the wax has melted to the right level, they snuff it out for you. You can customize where you want the candle to stop – an average candle burns one inch per hour – and the clips even work on taper candles. Reviewers were amazed by this ingenious gadget and the way they reliably extinguished the flame every time.

6. Best for Laptops: Comdourt Laptop Risers

Laptops are portable devices, so their stand or stand should be portable as well. Comdourt’s handy laptop riser fits freely on the bottom of most laptops and keyboards without obstructing their airflow. Made of aluminum alloy, it’s a sturdy, lightweight gadget that helps keep your laptop from overheating while you work. Reviewers who frequently attend meetings outside the office often use the riser, and they like that it can be adjusted in height to three different settings, and quickly folded and slipped into a bag when they’re done. Some warn that it’s not suitable for bulkier gaming laptops, but say it works well on ultrabooks and keyboards.

7. Best for Shopping: Berry Store Folding Cart

Since many emirates in the UAE have Banning single-use plastic shopping bags, you need something strong, reusable and reliable during your shopping trips. The Berry Store’s collapsible trolley has a truly ingenious design and has a capacity of up to 25kg. It comes with a rust-resistant telescoping handle, rubber wheels, and a lid. After unpacking your groceries, you can quickly fold it up and store it in your car so it’s ready for your next trip to the supermarket. The carts come in seven colors.view other sustainable shopping products.

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