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95% Off and Dh10,000 Daily Prizes Await in UAE’s 3-Day Extravaganza Starting March 29, Thrilling Offer Bonanza

95% Discount and Dh10,000 Daily Prizes, UAE Launches 3-Day Extravaganza

UAE residents are in for an exhilarating shopping spree right from the comfort of their homes as the eagerly awaited Great Online Sale (GOS) gears up to kick off on Friday, March 29. Offering discounts of up to a staggering 95% across a wide array of beloved brands, this three-day extravaganza promises unmatched savings on electronics, fashion, and kids’ items, among others, from over 70 esteemed online retailers.

“Eid Al Fitr marks a significant time when residents indulge in shopping for various essentials, including gifts and clothing,” remarked Mohammed Feras, Vice President of Retail & Strategic Alliances at Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE). “That’s why Ramadan holds a special place in our calendar, presenting a golden opportunity for residents to snag incredible deals while enabling both local and global retailers to showcase their brands.”

95% Discount and Dh10,000 Daily Prizes, UAE Launches 3-Day Extravaganza
95% Discount and Dh10,000 Daily Prizes, UAE Launches 3-Day Extravaganza

Mohammed expressed enthusiasm about the ample opportunities this sale presents for residents to complete their Eid shopping with ease. “Whether individuals are seeking Eid gifts, contemplating a home makeover with new furnishings, or simply aiming to refresh their wardrobes for the festive season, the abundance of offers available during this sale caters to every need,” he encouraged, urging everyone to seize the moment and take advantage of the exceptional prices and sales.

Building on the resounding success of its previous edition, this year’s GOS promises to be even bigger and better, according to Mohammed. “In 2023, we collaborated with numerous online retailers, including industry giants like Amazon, Azadea, Noon, Namshi, Mall of the Emirates, and 6th Street,” he reminisced. “We brought together a total of 65 platforms for the sale. This year, the enthusiasm has soared, with a remarkable 77 platforms participating.”

The surge in participation can be attributed to the phenomenal success of the sale, Mohammed explained. “Our partnered retailers reported a staggering 85% increase in for 95% sales during the event week,” he revealed. “This overwhelming response underscored the immense popularity of the online sale, prompting numerous retailers to express interest in joining the fray this year.”

In addition to the jaw-dropping discounts, the GOS is also offering an enticing array of prizes for participants to vie for. “Shoppers can simply visit the Great  Online 95%  Sale website and register their details,” Mohammed elucidated. “Upon registration, they will receive a promo code, unlocking additional discounts with numerous retailers. Moreover, their names will be entered into a daily lucky draw, with one fortunate individual walking away with a generous prize of Dh10,000 each day of the sale.”

This blend of remarkable discounts and thrilling prizes adds an extra layer of excitement to the GOS experience, encouraging enthusiastic participation from shoppers across the UAE. By simply registering on the Great Online Sale website, individuals not only gain access to exclusive discounts but also stand a chance to win 95% coveted prizes, further enhancing the allure of this highly anticipated event.

The daily lucky draw, with its enticing Dh10,000 prize with 95% off, serves as an exciting incentive for shoppers to explore the myriad offerings of the GOS and make the most of this unparalleled shopping opportunity. With each passing day of the sale, anticipation builds as participants eagerly await the announcement of the lucky winner, adding an element of thrill and suspense to the shopping extravaganza.

Beyond the sheer excitement of winning prizes, the GOS represents a unique opportunity for retailers to connect with consumers and showcase their diverse offerings. The surge in participation from both retailers and shoppers underscores the growing prominence of online shopping platforms in the UAE’s retail landscape, reflecting a shifting consumer preference towards convenience and accessibility.

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