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A breakthrough for sustainable agriculture in the UAE


The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has announced the formation of a working group to strengthen the efforts of the National Farm Sustainability Initiative. Chaired by HE Eng. The task force, composed of Mohammed Mousa Alameeri, Assistant Undersecretary for Food Diversity at the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, is made up of leaders from various major food and agricultural companies in the UAE, who have an ambitious Goal: Increase government procurement of local products by 50% by the end of 2023.

Hussein Al Hussein, Regional Director, Farm to Table, was named to the task force, along with Peter Nichols, Chief Operating Officer, ADNH Compass Group; Dr Ray Tinston, Marketing Director, Monbat; Hamed Ahmed Al Hamed, Founder, Gracia Agriculture Group, Watermelon Ltd. Omar Al Shamsi, CEO, and Yazan Al Qudmani, Partner, 3YAgtech Agriculture Consulting, Deputy General Manager, UAE BioFarm.

During the Year of Sustainability, the task force will play a key role in strengthening food security in the UAE by identifying new mechanisms and partnerships to help connect leading supply companies with local farms. This will open a clear path for major food supply companies operating in the UAE to increase their purchases and adoption of national agricultural products. The guaranteed income stream generated through the purchase agreement can increase the level of local production, increase the national food self-sufficiency rate, and increase the income level of UAE farmers without affecting the food industry.

Farm To Plate represents the pioneering blockchain tracking platform and product division of Paramount Software Solutions, an award-winning technology provider based in Georgia, USA. With over 25 years of industry experience and multiple industry awards, Paramount is a recognized leader in the IT industry in the US and North America. Paramount adheres to its mission of holistic sustainability and technology for the good of all, embodying inclusive sustainable development for people, communities and the environment from farm to fork. Hussein said, “The working group will develop a structured model to improve the adoption of agricultural products in the UAE by establishing trade and supply partnerships and connecting public and private stakeholders within the food supply chain. As a leading private food technology As a company, we have a responsibility to help local governments determine the best way to achieve food safety and sustainability. Our participation in this working group will allow us to provide the Ministry with expertise integrating all stakeholders along the food supply chain and how we can Bring technology and process together to achieve the noble goals of this task force.”

On the occasion, His Excellency Mohamed Alameri said: “We move forward in the Year of Sustainable Development with determination and commitment to build a more sustainable and resilient future for the UAE. The task force aims to strengthen (National Farm Sustainability Initiative)) will play a key role in enhancing food security and will be a transformative model for the adoption of sustainable environmental practices.”

He added: “The establishment of the working group, which includes experienced experts from various fields, is an important step in strengthening food security in the UAE and ensuring social well-being. The working group will work to increase government procurement of local food. By the end of 2023, the Increasing product utilization to 50% is an ambitious but achievable goal. There is no doubt that the UAE’s sustainability journey is a shared responsibility. The task force was formed as a result of the strength of teamwork among the member institutions A tangible testament to our shared vision of enhancing food security and sustainable development in the UAE.”

As a leader in food technology in the UAE and the MENA region, Farm To Plate will seek to leverage its technological prowess in blockchain and artificial intelligence, as well as its experience working with all levels of the supply chain – from production to Business-to-Consumer Transparency Challenge – Helping the working group identify the best partners and the right process models to increase local product purchases and self-sustainability.

Actively working to strengthen the National Farm Sustainability Initiative, the working group is supported by ten government agencies: Government of Ajman, Defence, Ministry of Interior, UAE Health Services (EHS), Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority , Abu Dhabi Department of Health, Sharjah Department of Agriculture and Animal Wealth, Dubai Police General Command, Abu Dhabi Police General Command and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). In the coming months, the task force will seek to identify new opportunities for collaboration to increase purchases of UAE agricultural products by various industry stakeholders. The working group will regularly update the public on its progress and strategy.


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