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Abu Dhabi Center launches ‘Scan and Learn Arabic’ app

Abu Dhabi Center launches ‘Scan and Learn Arabic’ app

The Abu Dhabi Arabic Center (ALC), part of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT Abu Dhabi), helped develop an innovative app that encourages adoption and mastery of the Arabic language.

Launched in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development (DCD) and the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), the Scan and Learn Arabic app allows smartphone and tablet users to scan objects around the city and name them for translation into Arabic.

The app is designed to support the mission of all government entities to create a cohesive society through language learning. The initiative also furthers ALC’s aim to support the Arabic language by harnessing innovation, while ensuring the preservation of the language and its continued use in everyday society.

Users can download the app for free on iOS and Android platforms, then use its built-in optical reader to scan text at major facilities along Abu Dhabi’s Corniche – the first of many sites in the UAE. This will help tourists and residents from all walks of life in the community learn Arabic and use it more in their daily lives.

Dr Ali Bin Tamim, Chairman of the ALC, said: “We are committed to preserving the Arabic language as a core part of our Arab and Emirati culture and making it an unmistakable presence in the daily lives of all members of our community. This initiative allows us to fully Using advanced technology, we will strive to advance the Arabic language, increase its proficiency, and strengthen its position as the primary language spoken by native speakers, while paving the way for non-native speakers to learn Arabic.”

Hamad Ali Al Dhaheri, DCD Undersecretary, said: “Abu Dhabi Arabic Center is launching this initiative in collaboration with various key sectors in the emirate, which reflects Entities and institutions embrace the Arabic language and see it as a language of creativity and intercultural communication, bringing the Arab community closer to societies around the world.

“We fully recognize and appreciate the importance of such initiatives in strengthening our sense of national identity through the Arabic language, one of the most important foundations of our Arab and Emirati culture. Learning Arabic will also strengthen all members of our community Social cohesion among: Research has shown that promoting the official language of any country and creating opportunities to learn it more easily can strengthen communication and solidarity among all the groups that make up that society.

“On the one hand, the initiative allows for wider exchange between all segments of the community, strengthening native speakers’ connection to the Arabic language. On the other hand, it illuminates a range of educational options that they can use to deepen their knowledge of the language.

“It will also strengthen the vocabulary of Arabic speakers, make the language more accessible and expand its use. We must support Arabic, push it forward, and encourage younger generations to use it – this The first step in the continued development and strengthening of the bonds that hold society together.”

Abdulla Al Sahi, Deputy Minister of DMT, said: “It is vital that all parties involved work together to provide all the necessary tools to promote the use of the Arabic language in all aspects of our daily lives. The Arabic language is rich in detail and vocabulary and has an undeniable legacy and great contribution to human civilization over the centuries. Our mother tongue is one of the most important modes of communication; it has long been the cornerstone of the harmony of our society, in Throughout history it has provided a platform for literary, scientific and social dialogue between different peoples.

“In terms of our role in this joint project, the Ministry of Municipalities and Transport will work to identify key locations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi at all stages of the initiative. We will work to ensure the necessary technology is applied to roll out across our operations Arabic and strengthen its role as a means of serving the community and fostering cohesion among different peoples.” – trade arab news agency

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