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Khaldoon Al-Mubarak expresses ‘happiness’ and ‘proud’ after Manchester City’s unprecedented season

Manchester City and City Football Group Chairman Khaldoon Al-Mubarak spoke of his relief, happiness and pride following the club’s Champions League victory over Inter Milan in Istanbul on 10 June.

Here are some highlights from the first part of the end-of-season interview published on the club’s website.

about winning the treble

“Relief. Relief. It reminds me, winning this game, reminds me of 2011-12, that QPR game, the first Premier League (championship). There was a relief in that game and then Joy. For the Champions League, we’ve been working on it for years, you know. And then finally, last night, finally, from the first few hours to now, it’s been a relief, a bliss, but actually more like a It’s a relief. We finally got the trophy here.”

On getting Sheikh Mansour in the final

“I mean, it’s incredible. For Sheikh Mansour, considering everything he’s given to this club, all the commitment, the years of support, the love, the passion he brings to the club. The pinnacle, the final of the Champions League, to be here, to be able to play. Having been part of the City Football Group for the past 15 years, he loves this club so much and has worked with him. He deserves it. He really deserves it. Yes. I’m glad he’s there.”

On the stability of the team in the Premier League

“It’s actually the record I’m most proud of because it’s a testament to everything we’ve done, and everything that’s been put in by the club and every single employee, everyone involved with the club, and I think they’ve contributed to the Very proud of this.

“Because there was a UEFA dinner on Friday night, I was asked a similar question: What’s so special about Manchester City and this team? I said, it’s this winning mentality, this winning mentality that creates The year-to-year consistency that you just described. Not one year, not two years, not three years, 10 years in every game, every game we play at every level.

“We play to win, we play to win. Play to win applies to everyone. It’s the players, it’s the coaching staff, it’s the physios, it’s the management, it’s the commercial people, it’s the receptionists, it’s the people in the kitchen. , it’s the media team, it’s the digital team. Everyone involved with this, with this club, with this team, I think share that, that passion, that commitment.”

On Guardiola’s new contract

“It’s very important because he’s such a big part of this club. He’s an incredible leader. I know where Pep’s heart is, I know where his mind is. So, I don’t think I’ve ever really worried. We’ve had these conversations before. But the timing was important. It’s always very important because it provides clarity.”

Mindset on Erling Haaland

“Well, that’s the beauty of Erling is he’s a champion. He’s never satisfied. If it’s one goal, if it’s not, if it’s two goals, if it’s five goals, even five I remember he scored five goals and after the game he told me, ‘Yeah, but I should have scored three or four more,’ really not a joke.

“Like in his heart, he knew ‘I should score seven or eight that night.'” It was that winning mentality. That’s the invisible secret to success you know. That’s the intangible, the anomaly that makes you great. In Erling, I think now this club, we have an unbelievable, unbelievable player. “


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