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New judges, ambassadors sworn in before UAE President


Abu Dhabi: The new judge of the Federal Supreme Court took his legal oath before His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The judges included Muhammad Ali Ali, Dawood Ibrahim Muhammad Ali Abu Al Shawareb, Ibrahim Obaid Ali Al Ali, Miftah Salim Saad and Hassan Muhammad Hassan.

During his swearing-in ceremony in Qasr Al Bahr, the President wished the judges success in their new positions to support the rule of law, justice and strengthen the judicial and equality systems in the country. The President emphasized that these principles have been firmly established in the UAE since its inception and are considered key pillars for its growth and development.

Sheikh Mohammed said that the judiciary is not so much a job or a profession as it is a noble mission that plays a key role in the progress, success and stability of society.

Proud of the leadership’s confidence, the new judges emphasized that the UAE is a country ruled by law and that they will uphold this principle in their work with sincerity and impartiality.

new messenger

The new UAE ambassador, who is based in an overseas embassy, ​​was also sworn in in the presence of the President.

During the swearing-in ceremony at Qasr Al Bahr, Sheikh Mohammed wished the new ambassadors success in discharging their new responsibilities and called on them to do everything they can to strengthen the UAE’s relationship with the country to which they were appointed. He urged them to help expand the scope of the UAE’s interests with these countries and serve the interests of the UAE citizens there.

The President also called on the ambassadors to present a positive image of the UAE and its people and build bridges of understanding with the countries they are stationed in. He said that the UAE is keen on establishing effective partnerships with different countries, adding that its ambassadors and representatives abroad have a great responsibility to facilitate this process.

The legal oath was taken by Salem Saeed Musabeh Al Mahyoubi Al Shamsi, UAE Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Anwar Othman Barout Salim Al Baroudi, UAE Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Salem Ali Khamis Obaid Al Shamsi, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Angola; and Rahma, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Maldives Abdul Rahman Al Shamsi.

The new ambassadors expressed pride in the leadership’s confidence in choosing them to travel abroad to represent their countries, and said they would work hard to further strengthen the UAE’s relationship with the countries they are based in. They also said they would embody the president’s principles of promoting peace and cooperation at the regional and international levels.

The swearing-in of judges and ambassadors at Qasr Al Bahr was attended by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice-President, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in the Presidency; Abdullah bin Sultan bin Awad Al Nuaimi, Minister of Justice; Ahmed Ali Sayeq, Minister of State; Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar, Minister of State; and some officials.


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