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Abu Dhabi Labor Court secures AED317m worth of dues for 14,777 workers in 2022

Abu Dhabi Labor Court secures AED317m worth of dues for 14,777 workers in 2022

In 2022, the Abu Dhabi Labor Court successfully secured and settled the rights of 14,777 workers worth approximately AED 317 million, of which 8,560 workers were involved in collective enforcement and litigation cases worth a total of AED 125 million, and 6,217 workers engaged in Law enforcement cases worth AED 192,000,000 in individual litigation.

The Abu Dhabi Labor Court confirmed that it is paying special attention to quickly resolving labor cases and assisting in the payment of amounts owed to workers, as directed by Deputy Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The Chairman of the Presidential Court and the Abu Dhabi Justice Department (ADJD) insisted on the importance of fast resolution of cases and shortened litigation timelines in order to achieve the Department’s main objective of achieving fair and accomplished justice.

The Labor Tribunal also noted that the procedures adopted in coordination with the relevant authorities allowed for the resolution of disputes submitted to it for consideration in record time and ensured that the parties obtained their rights to regulate industrial relations within the controls and framework provided by law to strengthen the United Arab Emirates Efforts to uphold and protect workers’ rights under the rule of law, ensuring impartial justice through a groundbreaking judicial system.

In addition, the Labor Tribunal commended the cooperation and integration between the strategic partners in providing services to help workers meet their vital needs during the transitional phase of ultimately resolving their situation, as well as the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emiratisation’s excellent efforts to address hopes for other companies in the UAE. Conditions of work for workers.

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