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Abu Dhabi University Provost jobs


Abu Dhabi University is at an exciting time in its life. We have achieved a lot for a young university since we opened in 2003. To continue growing, in our most recent five-year strategy we have launched new faculties and programs, achieved prestigious accreditation at the institutional, faculty and subject levels, strengthened research, made student engagement and collaborative work a core institutional value, and expanded and strengthened domestic and international partnerships.

We are now poised to build on these successes, with further growth in program and student numbers, and clear gains in improving student employability, increasing the quality and scope of research, and expanding partnerships with government, business and educational institutions, both nationally and internationally success. We are also committed to ensuring our quality is better represented on international leaderboards. Our new institutional strategy clearly sets out our goals for the next five years.

The current Provost, Professor Thomas Glas-Hochstettler, has decided to step down after a successful tenure of almost three years, and we are looking for a new Chief Academic Officer to build on our success and deliver on our ambitious new strategy.

This is a demanding role. The new provost must be an accomplished, ambitious leader with sufficient accomplishments to be worthy of the position. As a distinguished scholar, he or she will be a skilled communicator, be respected, be able to build alliances and engage with stakeholders with confidence, and be able to draw from our national and international community of students, faculty, and staff Get the most out of culturally diverse communities. The following details provide details of interest to potential candidates.

On behalf of Abu Dhabi University, I thank you for your interest in this position and look forward to engaging with shortlisted candidates. Interested candidates can submit their profiles through our dedicated recruitment platform.

professor.Gassan Fuad Awad


Abu Dhabi University

Job Roles and Responsibilities

As the University’s Provost, you will drive the School’s quantitative growth and reputation while ensuring the University meets its financial goals. You will play a multifaceted role that will require you to interact with the University community of students, staff, board and external stakeholders. The Provost agrees to annual budgets and plans, sets achievement level goals, and guides and supports the University community in achieving agreed goals. You will take pride in leading our new institutional strategy, aligning resources and building alliances to achieve our strategic goals. You will embody our core values, commit to excellence in everything we do, and make collaborative work our core ethos.

The key attributes of this role are outlined below:

  • Develop the University’s academic strategy and priorities, and identify the institutional structure to deliver an excellent taught program with a high degree of academic integrity.
  • Develop and deliver an industry-leading comprehensive student learning, engagement, satisfaction, retention and employability strategy with clear objectives and milestones.
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson and advocate for the University’s culture, values, roles and responsibilities, and lead the University’s efforts to improve its external reputation, including in league tables.
  • Promote accreditation by national and international bodies, including professional body accreditation at the project level.
  • Instill a culture of innovation in the development of the teaching portfolio and in the design and delivery of projects, including technology enhancement and e-learning.
  • Collaborate with the Dean of Admissions and other leaders to achieve goals for student population growth and the necessary growth in the teaching program.
  • To ensure that the University contributes to the creation and exchange of knowledge that impacts the economy and society, and to our teaching programmes.
  • Strengthen links with corporate partners, develop joint supply, support student placements and enhance graduate employability.
  • Serve as a champion of student engagement and student voice both within and outside the University.
  • Leads and directs the Dean to meet/exceed all college enrollment goals, retention and graduation rates, and ensures mission-driven academic and co-curricular goals are met.
  • Works with the Vice-Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs and the Director of Services to ensure that services support the academic needs of the University.
  • Working closely with the Chancellor, provide overall internal administrative leadership and support to staff and their respective Academic Affairs support systems through the development, revision and/or elimination of relevant policies.
  • Represent the University externally in order to maintain and enhance the University’s reputation and collaborative network, including (with internal stakeholders) a strong international strategy.
  • Oversees and directs the development and implementation of the annual budget and academic affairs operating plan, and assists in the achievement of the University’s institutional goals and strategic plans.


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