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A woman is happy when she has a child. Her joy was palpable as she watched her child grow from one stage to another. Great businessmen frown on anything or anyone that gets in the way of their company. Growth is a natural thing, and it was Christ’s desire that his church should grow.

As the church grows, it reflects:
• spiritually
• Materially
• number
• socially
• Economically
These growths are important, but the true measure of church growth is “spirituality.” Growth is no accident, the growth of any living thing must take into account certain measures:
• types of food eaten
• environment/atmosphere
• Water intake, etc.
The health of the church depends on the spiritual vitality of the church as a group or as individuals. It is not the name and location of the church that determine the viability of the church, but the three W(s) or P(s):
• Sermons – sermons
• Worship – praise
• War – Prayer

There is a unique connection between the three.
• Words make worship healthy and bring about results in warfare.
• Worship draws strength for battle, and battle illuminates Word and worship.
There are several units and areas in the church that showcase her beauty.
• etiquette and administration
• Evangelism and missions
• Prayer unit
• Chorus and praise unit
• welfare unit
• Protocols and security, etc.
God wants every member to be as actively involved as Timothy was (2 Timothy 1:5-13). This “must” has to grow to have a positive appeal before any individual can leave a mark.
In Genesis 12:2, God reveals certain things that every believer should desire through his encounter with Abraham:
• A great name: (identity) It’s a person, just a person, a person, but without any sense of honor or influence. Every human being, no matter how small, deserves a certain amount of respect.
• A great country: (Personality) The man is not only a person, but a personality, wherever he enters, he is respected, he is respected, but even more respected when he is present.
• Great Blessing: Such a blessing that all the peoples of the earth will be blessed through him.
• Duchies, as duchies individuals have the ability to command respect, presence or absence, and names alone are the key to certain doors.
The secret to greatness that can help anyone
• Their beliefs must be sincere
• They must be elders and good followers of the church’s faith/heritage
• There must be a transfer of grace from the elders (note who you accept as your mentor and who has laid hands on you)
• Willingness to bring talents to work rather than hide them.
• Bravery
• Have love and a sound mind – keep away from things that may pollute the mind.
• Never be ashamed of your beliefs and testimony.
• Stand firm and stick to your pattern of beliefs (orthodoxy).

Why the Church Won’t Grow
Lack of a balanced diet: Every growth requires certain elements. The church is the body of Christ; as a body, it feeds on certain foods to grow. Every organism, if it must grow, has some diet that fits its system. Ewes cannot eat fresh meat to grow, nor can lions eat grass to grow. The problem with the church today is that it is feeding the wrong diet for church growth. Instead of growing, she died of obesity or malnutrition.
When a child lacks basic nutrients, it is difficult to survive. The church is like a small child that needs a balanced diet to grow.
• Mental dwarfism. Highlands are beautiful and can bring advantages and threats. Dwarfism breeds neglect. Dwarves are born due to a hormonal imbalance.
When proper discipleship methods are neglected at the foundational level of church establishment, or divine principles are poorly applied, stunted growth results. Sometimes it’s practically impossible to undo it because it’s adapted to people’s reactions to beliefs and teachings. There is a danger in building a church on the wrong foundation; what you win people over with, you will win them over.
It is therefore sacrilege to establish error as the cornerstone of a church bought with his blood.
Others include:
• Mental ignorance and deafness – they are blind to truth and have dull ears to divine signals
• Newbies in Spirituality – Ignorance is poisonous because one’s ignorance is also a kind of knowledge. What he will teach and passionately defend will be within his grasp. Some people teach and defend wrong because they don’t know the truth. Unspoken truths are as powerful as justified lies. Some people choose to remain blind even when exposed to light, because over time the darkness of blindness has taken the shape of light. So even if they see the truth, they will be willfully blind out of ignorance.
• Spiritual blindness: inability to see beyond what is present
• Mental paralysis: a paralyzed system
• Spiritual impotence: all good deeds are in vain
No matter the disease, a cure is possible
In the sight of God no illness, mental or otherwise, can last long or linger. Every disease considered terminal can be terminated by the power and grace of God. Medically, doctors consider the disease terminal because it is fatal and likely incurable. For them, the sickness was a death sentence.
Spiritually, God has the answer to all forms of sickness. He doesn’t conduct research to determine a cure, he is the cure. She will never be able to recover until the church finds a cure. May God open the eyes of the church for healing in Jesus name, Amen!
• The Honorable Stephen Wolemonwu, Director of the Ibru Ecumenical Center in Agbarha-Otor



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