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Aerial photos show the new Kelly Slat wave pool at Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi, in operation, with tanks filled, hydrofoils in place and stadium lights installed!


Morality? Best to stay away from temptation.

Three men have been detained in what police say is an international drug syndicate, Cocaine was smuggled from Uruguay into Europe on surfboards.

According to anti-drug officers, the dog sniffed out six surfboards as they left the Carrasco International in Montevideo on May 23. After a second inspection, police noticed that the surfboards were unusually heavy. After a quick pinata party, 51kg of cartel sweets spilled out. Operation Iris, it’s called.

Officials allowed one of the committees to travel to Portugal, where two Italian nationals were arrested trying to claim their luggage. A third person popped up in Italy.

The Uruguayan prosecutor’s office highlighted the bankruptcy as proof of the success of the global war on drugs, calling the transatlantic operation “a model of international success.” Uruguay, Spain, Italy and Portugal participated in the bankruptcy.
“Operation Iris is unprecedented in our country because of the scope and significance of the international cooperation,” Uruguayan National Police chief Jose Manuel Azambuya said.

However, surfboard filling as a delivery method for small pharmaceutical companies is nothing new. Rainbow Surfboards (McCabe, Hynson, et al) are experts at hiding their own details in foam and fins to expand their Indian fantasies. It goes south because drugs tend to have similar effects on businesses, businesses, families, and more.

Most people consider drug harvesting, smuggling, selling, sharing, etc. to be a pathological practice. Others may be ambivalent and have dried blood somewhere under the nail. (For an eye-opening analysis, read Cocaine and Surfing: A Love Story.)
Some might think it’s romantic (and certainly more appealing than trafficking a bloated, balloon-filled mule), with skinny figures in sunglasses trudging in and out of airports, allaying fears with brisk conversation at check-in , nothing but pure adrenaline. terminal. Every little action is acting. Those perfect and free characters we read about, real magicians.

Adam Gopnik, in his book The Real Work, describes this mastery as “slowly piecing the pieces together into a harmonious whole.”

“Mastering” something, Gopnik explains, “relies on learning to pretend you’re doing something that’s not terribly dangerous.”

This is dangerous because reality has not been kind to this practice. As many have tried, many have failed. Some notables:

• 1994. Frank de Castro Diaz. Bali Denpasar Airport. 4 kg 2 plates.
give up? Frank also checked a saw.
• 2011: Three men. Bilboa Airport, Spain. 9 plates of 50 kg.

give up?Fool was arrested a month ago for delivering Coke in Manolo
Install Blahniks.
• 2014: Jesse Edgardo Herrera from Los Angeles International Airport Pomona, California. 1 plate 3 kg.

give up? According to the TSA, the new glue was oozing from the cardboard bag.

There are many other stories of failed magic. You may have your own. Morality? Best to stay away from temptation. Hell, my son is in Oahu and my daughter is in Kihei. I dare not carry 4 oz. Colgate is on me.


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