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Dubai Airshow 2023 Reveals Innovative Conference Agenda for Shaping the Future of Aerospace and Defense

The upcoming Dubai Airshow 2023, scheduled for November 13-17, is set to become a pivotal event in the aerospace, space, and defense industry. The conference agenda, comprising nine thought-leadership tracks spanning five days, will feature over 300 speakers delivering more than 80 hours of engaging content. These CPD-accredited conferences aim to address critical industry challenges and promote innovation.

Priority Topics

Dubai  Airshow 2023 will bring together experts, leaders, and stakeholders to discuss a range of priority topics, including Advanced Aerial Mobility, Sustainability, Passenger Experience, Air Traffic Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Space, startups, mentoring platform Vista, student-focused NextGen Leaders, and the Airworthiness & Safety Conference.

Distinguished Speakers

Global leaders such as Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, and H.E. Sarah Bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, will be among the distinguished speakers during the conferences. They will delve into pressing industry issues and share insights on the way forward.

Aviation Mobility and Aerospace 2050

The Aviation Mobility stage will feature discussions on Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Advanced Aerial Mobility. It will also introduce two new tracks: Passenger Experience and Diversity & Inclusion. Striking a balance between innovation and safety within regulatory frameworks will be a key focus.

The Aerospace 2050 stage will host a series of conferences exploring sustainability, space, and nurturing the next generation of aviation leaders. Topics will include the future of aviation in the context of environmental sustainability and renewable fuels.

Space-Focused Conference

Dubai Airshow, in partnership with the UAE Space Agency, will host a 2-day Space-focused conference. This segment will cover fostering innovation and space programs in collaboration with private companies and government agencies. Sustainability will be a central theme, highlighting space’s role in informing sustainable policies and addressing climate change through earth observation.

VISTA Stage and Airworthiness & Safety Conference

The VISTA stage will highlight the success stories of aerospace start-ups and delve into innovation and business models of start-up airlines. The Airworthiness & Safety Conference will focus on defense matters and will be an exclusive track organized by the UAE Ministry of Defense.

Sponsorships and Vision

The conference sponsors include TII, Airbus, Boeing, Lilium, NATS, and NERA. Dubai Airshow 2023’s conference agenda is designed to be a comprehensive exploration of critical and forward-looking topics in the aerospace and defense industry. It aims to bring together experts, leaders, and innovators to drive progress and shape the industry’s future. For more information, visit the website here.

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