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Partnership Aims to Boost Digital Experiences for Dubai Free Zones

The Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ) has partnered with Liferay, a prominent provider of cloud-based enterprise-level digital experiences. This strategic partnership aims to revamp customer and stakeholder experiences across Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), and Dubai CommerCity (DCC) through innovative digital solutions.

Modernizing Web Platforms for Improved Navigation

As part of this collaboration, Liferay and DIEZ will employ a multifaceted approach to improve the digital landscape within DIEZ’s economic zones. The initial phase will focus on modernizing the web platforms of DAFZ, DSO, and DCC to offer enhanced, user-friendly, and streamlined navigation experiences.

Cutting-Edge Platforms for Seamless Experiences: Digital Experiences

The redesigned web interfaces will feature cutting-edge and future-ready platforms, offering the flexibility to embed and integrate multiple elements that connect DIEZ with the three free zones. Powered by Liferay Experience Cloud (SM) and built following international best practices, each of these platforms will enable seamless, enhanced, and scalable visitor experiences.

Empowering DIEZ with Self-Management Tools: Digital Experiences

Upon completion, Liferay will provide DIEZ with self-management tools to ensure adaptability to the specific requirements of each free zone.

Striving for Excellence in Stakeholder Engagement: Digital Experiences

Badr Buhannad, Chief Corporate Support Officer at DIEZ, stated, “Our collaboration with Liferay to enhance stakeholder digital experience through their cloud-enabled, self-managed experience platform aligns with our long-term vision for excellence in stakeholder engagement. DIEZ is committed to solidifying its position as a catalyst for economic development and a trusted partner for businesses operating within its economic zones by embracing digital transformation and elevating stakeholder experiences.”

Delivering Global Benchmarks of Service Standards

Moussalam Dalati, General Manager of Liferay Middle East and Africa, said, “With Liferay Experience Cloud, our team is committed to delivering global benchmarks of service standards across hybrid environments. We appreciate their long-term and future-oriented approach to stakeholder digital experiences, and as their tech partner, we look forward to the fruition of this vision.”

Liferay’s Empowering DXP Platform

Liferay’s DXP platform empowers enterprises to implement digital innovations and experiences quickly and efficiently.

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