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AI Can Now Create Anime Sequences

AI Can Now Create Anime Sequences

Recent Twitter Users »@8co28It became a trend after he shared a video showing him turning 3D animations into anime-style animations artificial intelligence (AI)To explain this process, there are several concepts we need to explain first.

First, the user explains that the first video (the one on the left) was made with free software miku miku dance (abbreviated MMD), which allows you to create 3D animations, poses and dances, originally created for virtual idols vocal, Hatsune Mikuthe software allows users to import 3D models into a virtual space, where they can be moved and animated as desired. It’s an excellent piece of software that many people use to create endless animations of this season’s most popular characters.

Later, the resulting video was converted by artificial intelligence into anime-style animation (though it doesn’t mention what it uses, but presumably Stable spreadlet’s remember that the AI ​​converts individual user-uploaded images into anime-style, so, In fact, what the user is doing is converting each frame of the videoWhen he has all of these, he stitches them back together through sequences to create animated videos.

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The results are spectacular, and we’ll tell you why. Without a single image, an anime-style animation is complete! MMD simply captures a pre-designed 3D model (there are thousands of models on the internet and is updated with each new character), the user simply moves it and generates pose sequences. Responsible for doing and camera action.

This culminated in the model, which after being passed to the AI, became a nearly complete animation sequence. Why is the flickering noticeable on the model?Remember, the AI ​​transforms each frame independently, so doesn’t always come to the “same conclusion”, i.e. it doesn’t always produce the same Hatsune Mikuin the future, this may be fixed to allow the sequel to have a more “stable” design.

In the blink of an eye, The resulting animations are spectacular and open up countless possibilities for independent animators in MMD.a program that started out just making some videos Hatsune Miku, opened up the possibility of making anime today. Of course, this sparked various reactions, notably:

  • ,Oh my gosh, this kind of success is amazing in the world of animation,
  • ,spectacular. Now I want to watch something similar, but on Kagamine Lane,
  • ,Progress is leaps and bounds, and in ten years AI will be able to create its own anime without alienating anyone,
  • ,A few months ago, ai made a very simple illustration, come and have a look today,
  • ,So cool, like the art of impermanence, only seen when artificial intelligence evolves,
  • ,If we can solve the problem of drawing for developers, it will be a big step forward for AI,
  • ,The flickering effect, while we know why it’s there, gives the final video a special feel,
  • ,This is an interesting use of artificial intelligence.This is not someone pretending to be an artist while using AI generation, this is a unique test and a unique use case,

Fuentes: @8co28 on Twitter

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