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Saturday, March 2, 2024

“20-Year-Old College Dropout Constructs AI Tutor for UAE’s Ministry of Education”

AI Tutor In a narrative echoing tech pioneers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, 20-year-old UAE resident Quddus Pativada shuns the conventional college path, opting to lead a groundbreaking initiative. As the CEO of a company, he steers the development of ASI, an artificial intelligence-driven tutor poised to transform learning for students under the UAE’s national curriculum.

Bridging the Educational Gap at COP 28’s ‘UAE AI Tutor Hackathon’

Addressing the ‘UAE AI Tutor Hackathon’ during COP 28, Quddus shares insights into his unconventional journey. “I am trying to build a company instead of going to university. So, I dropped out of university and took a gap year. Then we ended up raising about $3 million from investors in the US and here in the UAE. Now this is my full-time work, and I want to keep building the company.”

From Concept to Reality – ASI, a Tailored Solution for UAE’s Curriculum

Quddus and his team embark on this venture at the age of 17, exploring innovative learning methods. Born into the ‘Tik Tok’ generation, they conceive ASI, designed to provide instant feedback, personalized support, and adaptive learning specifically for the UAE’s national curriculum.

Ministry of Education Collaboration – Shaping the Future of Learning

The AI tutor, born from collaboration with the Ministry of Education, takes a unique approach by focusing on specific curriculum content. Quddus highlights its adaptability to students, making the learning process more efficient and engaging.

The Vision – Outperforming Human Tools with Accessibility

“Our goal is to build a tool that outperforms human tools but is provided at a fraction of the cost and is available 24/7. This specific use case makes it more appealing to students. Students end up learning much more from this tool versus a tool like chatting because it’s specifically designed to cater to their needs.”

User Testimonials – ASI’s Impact on Student Learning

Users commend the AI tutor for its effectiveness. Basmla Mohammed Fawzi Alsaid Gebril from Zayed Educational Complex, RAK, expresses amazement: “The AI tutor was explaining things to me like a teacher. If they make it a voice chat, it will even be better.” Narmeen Almarzooqi, a Computational Systems student at Zayed University, lauds its personalized nature, stating, “It’s better than ChatGPT in certain aspects, including the fact it’s so much more personalized.”

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