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Al Pacino welcomes baby boy with Noor Alfallah, 83: Find out his name


al pacinoOfficially a father of four! ET has confirmed the legendary actor’s 29-year-old girlfriend, Nur Afalagave birth to a baby boy, the child’s name is Roman Pacino.

Pacino’s representative, Stan Rosenfeld, told ET, “I confirm that Al Pacino and Noor Al Farah have welcomed a son named Roman Pacino. No other statement or comment will be provided.”

Back in May, ET confirmed that Pacino, 83, and Alfara, who is 54 years his junior, confirmed she was eight months pregnant.They have been in public contact since last year they were found Leaving a restaurant in Venice, California together, and leaving in the same vehicle.

Most recently, the couple celebrated director Bennett Miller’s art exhibition at Gagosian Gallery in New York City this April. After baby news hit global headlines, scarface Star break his silence in the obtained video daily mail Asked about his fourth child, he said: “It’s special”. This is a first for Alfara.

this Gucci House Asked if the news was exciting, the actor agreed, adding: “Always. I have a lot of kids. But it’s really special to come this time.”

actor who won an oscar father of three adult children — Daughter Julie Pacino, 33, from his previous relationship with Jane Tarrant, and twins Olivia and Anton Pacino, 22, from his relationship with Beverly D’Angelo Relationship. Additionally, actor and model Camila Morrone referred to Pacino as her stepfather after years of dating her mother, Lucila Solá.

Pacino has also been linked to Jill Clayburgh, Diane Keaton and acting coach Jane Tarrant in the past.As for Alfallah, she was previously with Mick Jagger and billionaire Investor Nicolas Berggruen.

Robert De Niro79 years old, when he recently revealed He is the father of a newborn daughter, Gia, with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen, 45. Gia is De Niro’s seventh child.when ET inquiry While promoting 2023 Tribeca Festival If he gets a chance to congratulate Pacino, De Niro said: “Not yet. I just heard about it… [But] Good for him. “

in May, A source confirmed to ET Alfallah came from a wealthy family and grew up in Beverly Hills, California.

“Nur comes from a very wealthy family and is mature for her age. She has a lot of life experiences because of her upbringing,” said a source with Pacino’s girlfriend and mother-to-be. “She grew up in Los Angeles, and she’s always had a great connection and was part of a quick scene when it came to the people she spent time with, the places she traveled, etc.”

The source added that Alfallah said: “Since she started dating, she has been really attracted to older men. She is very creative and has pursued a career in the entertainment industry for a long time, is a Sweet, fun girl.”

Congratulations Quartet!

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