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Alex Jones updates Charlie Thomson’s state of mind


Alex Jones revealed last year that Charlie Thomson was going through a ‘really bad time’

Alex Jones has opened up to fans about her husband Charlie Thomson’s current state of mind. She revealed he had been through a “very bad time” the previous year.

Alex, 45, has been married to insurance broker Charlie since 2015 and they have three children.she appears in midpointIt’s Gaby Logan’s podcast, where she reveals that Charlie is “in a much better place now” than he was a year ago.

She reveals that he’s been paying attention to his diet, which has also helped his mental state; cooking for his family has helped him a lot when he’s struggling.

Back in January, Alex claimed her husband had unfortunately become his “shadow” due to mental health issues. She said she witnessed him break down after battling Lyme disease and viral meningitis.

“I think what drives me is that we have three young children and I feel like I need to do my best to protect myself for their sake. Mum and Dad have always been healthy and we ate a balanced diet growing up, but More importantly, Charlie and I are very focused on this. He didn’t play too well last year.”


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