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UAE: 8 in 10 travelers prefer lesser-known but less expensive holiday destinations – News


Travel companies share ideas on how to save money on your next vacation

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Samarkand, Uzbekistan (photo courtesy)

published: Saturday, July 8, 2023 at 4:30pm

According to a recent consumer trends survey, UAE tourists are willing to travel to more alternative or lesser-known destinations in order to avoid overspending and save some money.

According to new research by travel company Skyscanner in conjunction with OnePoll, 77% of UAE tourists (roughly 8 in 10) are likely to forego their favorite holiday option to save money.

Skyscanner travel expert Ayoub El Mamoun said in a statement to the Khaleej Times: “The desire for new alternative destinations appears to have increased this year compared to 2022, when only 41% of global travelers surveyed Showing that they want to explore new places, not go back to old favorites.”

“We saw a significant increase in searches for underrated destinations originating from the UAE, including Hanoi (+373%) and Osaka (+332%), among others,” he added.

Skyscanner noted that UAE tourists cite cost savings and fleeing the crowds as the top reasons for choosing alternative holiday destinations.

How to save money on your next vacation

Skyscanner notes that Emirati tourists looking for a European city holiday can swap popular destination Paris (the cheapest return flight from Abu Dhabi costs AED 308 this August) for lesser-known city Bucharest ( The return flight from Abu Dhabi in August this year was Dh171), resulting in savings of 44% on the flight cost alone.

The Romanian capital is full of history. They can head to Bucharest’s Old Town to discover the city’s exciting past, museums and sprawling parks. It is also considered one of the safest and most affordable destinations in Europe.

Meanwhile, those looking for a beach holiday can swap Phuket, Thailand (cheapest return flight this August from AED 1,697) for Sardinia, Italy (return flight this August from AED 658). ), and save 61% on flights. Sardinia is known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, mountains with hiking trails and delicious seafood cuisine.

Other Cheaper Vacation Options

Holidaymakers can also consider flying from New York (from AED 3,014 round trip this August) to Tokyo, Japan (from AED 2,092 round trip this August), saving $30 on airfare. Skyscanner notes that Japan’s capital city is full of life and activity at any time of the day.

Other cheaper holiday options include Kutaisi, Georgia (from AED 261 round trip), Salalah in Oman (from AED 269 round trip) and Samarkand, Uzbekistan (from AED 199 round trip)

Skyscanner also notes: “Flight prices are all about supply and demand. Searching by multiple dates is one of the best chances of finding a bargain. Consider flying on a less popular day of the week. For example, if you’re on August 5 If you fly from Dubai to Thailand between December 11 and 11, Wednesdays are the cheapest and can save you over 40%.”


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