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All updated Covid-19 rules in Dubai during Eid al-Adha-News

All updated Covid-19 rules in Dubai during Eid al-Adha-News

With the surge in UAE cases, several rules are in effect.

With the recent surge in cases, multiple rules have been enacted around Dubai to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

As Eid al-Fitr approaches, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Agency (NCEMA) Allow traditional prayers to continue this year. It also stipulates the Covid safety rules that believers must strictly abide by.

>> The maximum time limit for evangelism after prayer is 15 minutes.

>> The doors of Muslims and mosques will be opened 15 minutes before the prayer starts.

>> After the service is over, the place of worship will be closed immediately.

>> Worshipers need to bring their own prayer mats. Social distance stickers will be posted.

>> People who are Covid positive and close contacts are strictly prohibited from participating in prayer.

>> It is recommended that people under 12 years old and over 60 years old make worship at home.

>> Service facilities such as toilets, bathing areas and water dispensers will not be allowed to enter.

>> The traditional practice of shaking hands and hugging after prayer is prohibited.

>> Before or after worship, worshippers are not allowed to gather in places of worship.

Some regulations in Dubai are still in effect in general, but they change as the pandemic progresses.

>> Live entertainment and events The allowable trial period is 1 month. Starting from June 6, the government may extend the trial period.

>> Hotels can be full, and entertainment venues can increase the capacity to 70%.

>> A wedding of up to 100 people can be held in the venue and hotel. However, all employees and guests must be vaccinated.

>> Weddings held at home can accommodate up to 30 guests.

>> Brunch is allowed again.

>> Face-to-face graduation ceremony This year, private high school students in Dubai will be admitted.

>> In a restaurant, 10 people can sit at a table at the same time, and 6 people can sit in a cafe.

>> Concerts, sports audience events, and social and institutional events are allowed, provided that the audience, participants and staff are all vaccinated.

>> The maximum number of attendees for large public events that require permits is now 1,500 for indoor events and 2,500 for outdoor events.

>> Both public and private parties must wear masks, and people must maintain a physical distance of two meters from others.

>> Women’s prayer room in the mosque It reopened after closing in March last year.

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