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America, Saudi Arabia, UAE and now Qatar…who is the ruler of the Premier League?

America, Saudi Arabia, UAE and now Qatar…who is the ruler of the Premier League?

AThe Premier League sees the arrival of the Saudi Arabian Sovereign Fund (PIF) in October 2021 and the Todd Burleigh take over Chelsea May 2022, Glazer Ready to sell Manchester United.

One of the offers they received was from Qatar, via Jassim bin Hamad Al ThaniQIB Bank. Other giants such as Jim Ratcliffe (INEOS) are also interested in joint acquisitions.offer to be accepted Glazer The owner and director test must then be passed.

For example, the Saudi PIF took a year to take over new castle In the case of Amnesty International’s protest against human rights violations.

This situation may now be repeated, but if they give the green light to the already controlled Gulf state Qatar paris saint germain Through QSI, it will change the balance of power in the Premier League.

Only three clubs (Brighton, Brentford and Tottenham) with English owners and nine (Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leeds United, Liverpool and Manchester United) is owned by US investors.

However, City have won the Premier League in four of their last five titles since Sheikh Mansour’s Abu Dhabi United Group bought the club in 2008.

Manchester Gulf derby?

Qatar vs. UAE in Champions League rivalry paris saint germain and manchester city Will move to Manchester and England. Meanwhile, U.S. shipowners will be asked to confront the three Gulf powers (UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia).

They inflated the market and changed football forever, redrawing its hierarchy and using financial fair play as a tool to control spending.

“I don’t think there is a well-orchestrated battle by the US owners or the Gulf states to control, influence or exercise power over the prime minister,” Simon ChadwickProfessor of Sports and Geopolitical Economics at SKEMA Business School told MARCA.

“I don’t think it’s deliberate or strategic. Owning an English League club just brings huge economic and political capital, and investors are getting in on the game because there’s a lot of opportunity to get through a proven, successful product Generate income.” .

“It’s simple: there are several US investors who have exploited the Premier League for financial and political gain.

“And, to some extent, the state has influence over the owners of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, because it turns out that they seek to achieve political ends through the European club. In a sense, there is a strategic and deliberate approach to these invest.”

American Imam

Meanwhile, an ESPN reporter analyzed the “boom” for American ownership in the Premier League for Marca.

“For a lot of people it’s an extra investment because they have a more professional team,” bell Add to.

“Arsenal’s boss is also denver nuggets (NBA) and los angeles rams (American Football League).and the owner Liverpool control boston red sox (Major League Baseball).

“The fact that there is more money in European football and TV rights every year is very attractive to them.

“Many Americans look at European leagues, especially English football, as an opportunity to buy clubs, invest and try to get promoted.

“It’s an open system, unlike the US system, if you manage to improve, you increase the value of the purchase.

“I don’t think it’s a battle for control of the Premier League. It’s more of an effort to make more money.”

“There are a lot of people in the UK who don’t think English football is theirs anymore and I think the government cares a lot about what’s going on. Football means a lot in England and political influence can be a very important factor.”

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