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Andrew Tate denies misogyny allegations, rebuts previous remarks


Andrew Tate denies misogyny allegations, rebuts previous remarks

Controversial internet influencer Andrew Tate bbc.

When confronted with specific allegations of rape, human trafficking and exploitation of women that Romanian prosecutors are currently investigating, Tate dismissed them.

He calls himself a “force for good” and says he is taking positive action as God has directed him to.

The interview marked Tate’s first appearance on a major broadcaster since he was released from Romanian police custody in April and placed under house arrest.

In the interview, he ignored testimony from women involved in the ongoing investigation and referred to a woman who had previously spoken to the agency anonymously. bbc As “fictional”, claiming she was made by bbc.

“As traditional media, I’m doing you a favor by talking to you, giving you relevance. I’m telling you now, this Sophie, invented by the BBC, has no face. Nobody knows who she is. I do.”

The woman claimed she believed Tate loved her so she followed him to Romania. She said she was forced to work as a webcam and got a tattoo of Tate’s name.

Sophie is currently assisting Romanian prosecutors with their investigation.

Tate also dismissed concerns raised by schoolteachers, senior police figures and activists about the influence of his views. Tate dismissed the allegations as “absolute rubbish” and denied responsibility for increased attacks on girls or harassment of female teachers.

Tate also refused to acknowledge comments he made on the Hustler’s University website, where he said his job was to “meet a girl, date her a few times, sleep with her, make her fall in love with me until she was willing to do anything I Say, and put her on webcam so we can get rich together”. This page no longer exists.

“I never said that,” he said.

When confronted with controversial statements he has made in the past, Tate claimed they were taken out of context or in jest.

“I don’t know if you understand what sarcasm is. I don’t know if you understand what context is. I don’t know if you understand what sarcasm is,” he said, defending a YouTube statement claiming intimacy by women Parts are the property of her male partner.

The Tate brothers are currently under judicial control and charges are expected to be filed in the coming weeks as the investigation draws to a close.


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