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Upcoming on Dubai Police App: Accidents Reporting with AI Fault Determination

Dubai Police are on the verge of introducing a novel artificial intelligence (AI)-backed system to streamline the reporting of road accidents and determine fault. This new approach is projected to significantly reduce manual processes by up to 50%.

Technology Showcase at Gitex Event

The unveiling of this innovative system took place during the Gitex technology week, which gathered over 6,000 companies, presenting cutting-edge technology and innovation all under one roof.

Streamlined Reporting Process for Drivers: AI

With the new system, drivers involved in accidents will be able to submit data and photos through the Dubai Police app. Artificial intelligence algorithms will then evaluate the circumstances, assign fault, and identify damaged areas based on the provided information.

Automated Accident Reports: AI

The AI system will automatically generate accident reports, allowing Dubai Police to swiftly issue red slips to those responsible for the accident and green slips to those not at fault.

Enhanced Understanding of Accident Dynamics: AI

This innovative system is expected to provide law enforcement officers with a more comprehensive understanding of accident dynamics and causation, streamlining the overall process.

Historical Reporting Process

Before the introduction of this AI-backed system, individuals involved in accidents had to wait for police to arrive at the scene to determine fault. While technology eventually enabled drivers to submit accident reports via the app, disputes over fault could necessitate a visit to the police station.

On The Go Initiative

This year, the ‘On The Go’ initiative was launched, allowing drivers to acquire accident reports at fuel stations and promptly arrange vehicle repairs.

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