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Botswana says powerless to save drug mule facing execution in Bangladesh – Zimbabwe Post


Lesedi Morapis

RUSTENBURG – Botswana does not have the authority to change the laws of Bangladesh to save its citizens as the country faces drug trafficking charges in the South Asian nation.

Lesedi Molapisi, 30, from Ramotswa, Botswana, could face the death penalty in Bangladesh.

She arrived from South Africa on a Qatar Airways flight via Doha.

According to a report in Botswana’s national newspaper Mmegi, Foreign Minister Lemogang Kwape said Botswana cannot violate Bangladesh’s laws to save the so-called drug mule Lesedi Molapisi.

Mmegi reported that Kwape told Botswana media on Tuesday that a Botswana government delegation would soon visit Molapisi to check whether her rights had been violated.

“We have no power and authority over the laws of Bangladesh, just like we cannot let anyone tell us how to run our country,” Kwape was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

The Botswana delegation is expected to ask the Bangladeshi government to abolish the death penalty.

Molapisi was arrested on January 23, 2022, after she was found suspected of having more than 3 kilograms of a heroin-like substance in her luggage.

She is currently awaiting trial in Dhaka prison.

Her father, Shakwane Goitsimodimo Molapisi, told NewzroomAfrika in November last year that her daughter’s trial had not yet begun.

She told the TV channel that she was contacting her daughter through an intermediary hired by an African association in Bangladesh to assist her.

“The trial hasn’t started yet, that’s all I know.

“The last communication I had with her via these notes was last week.

“She appeared in court on November 14 for a mention and not a trial,” her father told Newzroom Afrika.

He said his daughter was unaware that there were drugs in her luggage.

Morapisi said he managed to find a letter in her daughter’s luggage in Botswana from a travel company in Pretoria addressed to Bangladesh requesting a business visa for Leshidi, so that she can buy ready-to-wear products in Botswana. Bangladesh, Amir Hussain.

According to letters he read, the travel agency offered to assist Lesedi in sourcing ready-to-wear products and provide her with accommodation in Bangladesh.

“It suggests that she may have been lured, as they promised to help her go to Bangladesh to buy ready-to-wear so she could sell it here in Botswana.

“That was when she went to Bangladesh and she was arrested for so-called illegal drugs.”

He said he hadn’t been in touch with his daughter so it was difficult for him to ask her what happened.

Morapisi said his unemployed daughter left home on Jan. 16, seven days after they learned she had been arrested in Bangladesh for possession of illegal drugs.

The New Age, an English-language daily in Bangladesh, reported that airport customs officials and intelligence agencies intercepted Morapesi airport while crossing the green lane, the passage through which arriving passengers had undeclared items.

After scanning her bag, customs officials seized more than 3kg of particulate heroin-like material.

According to Amnesty International, 579 people were executed in 18 countries in 2021, a 20% increase from 483 in 2020.

The most famous executions took place in China, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

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