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Bowen Yang Announces Suspension of Podcast Due to “Depersonalization Disorder”


Yang Bowen Sharing health updates.

this saturday night live On Saturday, the star shared on his Instagram Story that he was battling “severe depersonalization” and that as a result, he would be taking a “short break” in his life. bodybuilder He co-hosts the podcast with Matt Rogers. Young and Rogers launched the popular iHeart Radio culture podcast in 2016.

“Taking a break from the last juncture. Bad depersonalization made me suck, but I’m doing my best to get better!” Young shared his story. “Please take care and come back as soon as possible.”

according to mayo clinicdepersonalization-derealization disorder occurs “when you have a persistent or recurrent feeling that you are observing yourself from outside your body, or that things around you feel unreal, or both. Depersonalization and derealization of Feelings can be very severe. Disturbing, it might feel like you’re living a dream.”

The medical center went on to say that when depersonalization persists or never completely goes away, it interferes with a person’s ability to function. The Mayo Clinic also states that depersonalization disorder is more common in people who have experienced traumatic experiences.

At the age of 32, he joined saturday night live As a full-time screenwriter in 2018, he became the first Chinese-American actor when he was promoted the following year, he told reporters New York Times In a January 2020 profile, he “has been hurt a lot,” citing an experience when he was 17 when his parents found out about his conversations on AOL Instant Messenger.

“I had some lewd conversations with someone and just revealed that it was me, that I was gay,” he recalls. “They just sat me down and yelled at me and said, ‘We don’t understand this. This doesn’t happen where we come from.'” I’ve only seen my dad cry when my grandpa died, And now he cries in front of me every night at dinner. I was thinking, “What am I supposed to do to make this happen?” It was the worst thing you could do as a child of immigrants. Just like you don’t want your parents to suffer so much for you. “

Yang later revealed that his father had scheduled eight sessions with a specialist, which Yang said turned out to be gay conversion therapy.

“I allowed myself to do this thought experiment: ‘What if this worked?'” he said. “Although when I read it, I was just like, ‘Oh wait, this is totally biscuit.’ In the first meeting, he asked me, ‘Do you want a Christ-centered or a worldly experience? ?'” I said, ‘I guess non-religious. ’ But even if he asked that question it meant that there was this religious agenda behind it. “

“The first few sessions were talk therapy, which I loved, and then it shifted to, ‘Let’s describe through the senses how you feel when you’re attracted to a man,'” he continued. “Then the counselor would do the circular reasoning, ‘Well, don’t you feel a little uncomfortable when you see that boy you like?’ I was like, ‘Not really. ’ he asked, ‘How do your boobs feel? ’ I was like, ‘Maybe I’m a little lethargic’ and he said, ‘See? It all stems from shame. ’ That’s crazy. Pseudoscience to explain homosexuality.”

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