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Brazil’s exports to Arab countries surge 10.33% to $5.7 billion


In the first four months of 2023, Brazil’s exports to the Arab countries rose by 10.33% to US$5.7 billion, compared to US$5.16 billion in the same period in 2022.

According to the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), despite challenges posed by global economic tensions, the growth in exports reflects continued demand for Brazilian products in Arab countries.

The top destination for Brazilian exports during this period was the UAE, followed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and Iraq. The main products exported by Brazil to the Arab world are sugar, poultry, beef, corn and soybeans.

beef export

According to the ABCC, Brazil’s beef exports to Arab countries amounted to US$356.06 million, with Egypt topping the list with US$115.59 million. Exports to the UAE amounted to US$84.29 million, followed by Saudi Arabia at US$83.43 million, Kuwait at US$4.7 million and Qatar at US$5.43 million.

From January to April 2023, Brazil’s poultry exports to the Arab world amounted to US$ 1.056 billion. The Arab country with the highest Brazilian chicken export value was Saudi Arabia with $275.76 million, followed by the United Arab Emirates with $255.15 million, Kuwait with $65.42 million, Qatar with $41.03 million and Egypt with $66.04 million.

Arab countries have always been one of the main markets for Brazilian companies, with agricultural products such as soybeans, corn, poultry and beef being the most exported.

ABCC Chairman Osmar Chohfi said: “We are very pleased to have played an important role in promoting the growth of exports to Arab countries, which signifies the potential to strengthen trade and investment relations between Brazil and the Arab world. Our aim has always been to Initiatives and programs to promote business and investment opportunities.

market information

“We have been able to provide Brazilian businesses with vital market information, networking opportunities and trade facilitation assistance so they can increase their presence in Arab countries. The current growth we are witnessing is a result of these efforts coupled with strong demand for Brazilian products The result. We are committed to promoting business ties between Brazil and the Arab world, because we see great unrealized potential in this relationship.”

In addition, Brazil’s imports from Arab countries amounted to US$3.521 billion during the period. According to the ABCC, Saudi Arabia exported $1.036 billion to Brazil, followed by the United Arab Emirates with $441 million, Qatar with $235 million, Egypt with $125 million and Kuwait with $89 million. — trade arab news agency


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