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Bruce Willis’ wife Emma hailed for teaming up with dementia specialist to help actor

Bruce Willis’ wife Emma hailed for teaming up with dementia specialist to help actor

Bruce Willis’ wife Emma hailed for teaming up with dementia specialist to help actor

Emma Heming Willis has revealed she is working with a dementia specialist who helped her husband Bruce Willis diagnose frontotemporal dementia.

The model and actress shared the news with everyone on Instagram sixth sense Fans of the actor praised her for being “selfless” in serving her family during such a trying time.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with teepasnows_pac who has helped me add to my dementia care toolbox,” Emma wrote of the expert.

“She is a caring, compassionate and skilled leader in the field who drives herself with pure empathy,” she added. “She’s a gift.”

Snow commented on the post, while praising Emma for taking care of Bruce during his health struggles.

The expert wrote: “Emma Heming Willis has done an excellent job in providing Bruce with the right support as his abilities change and creating a space and life that continues to provide him with what he needs to live a good life. everything of.”

“Frontotemporal dementia is never easy but with the right planning and support it is indeed possible to move on with life. Congratulations to Emma and their entire family for working very, very hard and giving. This is truly amazing Amazing!”

As one wrote, fans of the family gushed about Emma, ​​”I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but the way you and your family are handling everything is inspiring.”

“It’s clear you all have a strong connection,” the social media user added, while another wrote, “You guys are amazing!! Thank you so much Emma.”

One comment read: “I think it’s a beautiful thing that your family and your extended family surround him with love and family, the best thing you can do.”

“God bless you, Emma. I gave friends who were and are caring for their spouses with dementia. It’s not easy and it’s so selfless. I applaud your love for your husband,” another bit wrote.

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