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Common Errors Leading to Rejected Car Insurance Claims in UAE Rain Incidents

Damaged wipers, parking and driving in submerged waters, and overestimating the capabilities of vehicles and drivers during floods are some of the frequent errors motorists make in the UAE during heavy rains, potentially jeopardizing their insurance claims.

Failure to Read Insurance Policies

One of the most common and crucial mistakes is not thoroughly reading insurance policies. Many individuals only realize certain damages are not covered after an incident occurs, leading to complaints about claim denials.

Flood-Related Damages: Rain

Last week’s heavy rains in the UAE resulted in floods, causing substantial water-related damages to vehicles. Parked on shallow ground or driven into waterlogged areas, vehicles face interior cabin, engine, and electronic damages. Driving on waterlogged roads or through puddles, even after the rain stops, can lead to serious vehicle damage.

Common Errors During Floods

  • Invalidating Claims: Driving on waterlogged roads without caution can invalidate claims if damages occur due to negligence.
  • Repeatedly Cranking Stalled Vehicles: Continuously attempting to restart a stalled vehicle without evaluating water damage can exacerbate issues.
  • Neglecting Damaged Wipers: Many vehicle owners overlook damaged wipers, essential not only for rain but also for removing dust in dry conditions. Regular replacement is recommended.

Importance of Comprehensive Coverage

Motorists often skip essential services like roadside assistance and specific covers for natural calamities. Assuming third-party liability (TPL) coverage is sufficient can lead to uncovered damages. Comprehensive coverage is advised to ensure protection against a range of risks, including rains and floods.

Expert Assistance and Precautions

  • Seek Expert Assistance: If a vehicle stalls or faces issues, seeking expert assistance is crucial.
  • Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations: Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations in the owner’s manual helps prevent aggravation of losses.


To safeguard vehicles and ensure claim eligibility, it is imperative for vehicle owners to read and understand insurance policies, adopt comprehensive coverage, and exercise caution during adverse weather conditions. Regular maintenance, prompt replacement of damaged parts like wipers, and following expert advice contribute to responsible and protected driving.

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