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Chris Pine explains what really happened during Harry Styles’ ‘spitgate’

Chris Pine explains what really happened during Harry Styles’ ‘spitgate’

Chris Pine goes straight to documenting viral moment at Venice Film Festival premiere don’t worry honey, Harry Styles allegedly spat on him.

Nearly six months after the video went viral, the 42-year-old actor has a new take on the matter gentleman The video for the March 2023 issue was published on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 via independent.

“Harry didn’t spit on me,” Star Trek The actor said in the video. “Harry is a very, very kind man.”

However, Pyne admitted that “it does look like” because it is The 29-year-old singer spat in his direction.

“I was on the plane, we were flying back from Venice, we were having fun on the plane, and my publicist woke me up and said, ‘We have to draft a statement about what happened in Venice.'” She showed me That thing, it did look like Harry spat at me. He didn’t spit on me. “

“I think Harry leaned over and said, ‘It’s just words, isn’t it?'” Pine recalled, claiming the singer leaned over to tell him “a little joke.”

He added: “We’re all jet-lagged and trying to answer questions. Sometimes when you’re doing this journalism, your brain gets muddled and you start babbling, so we made a joke: ‘This It’s just words.'”

At the time of the incident, a representative for Pine issued a statement regarding the rumor, saying: “This is a ridiculous story — completely fabricated and the result of a bizarre internet illusion that is clearly deceptive. , and allow for foolish guesswork.”

As for the Grammy-winning musician, he made fun of “Spitgate” while performing in New York City.

“It’s great, great, great to be back here,” X factor The alum said during a concert at Madison Square Garden. “I just ran to Venice to complain about Chris Pine, but don’t be afraid, we’re back!”

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