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Colonial grandeur brings more entertainment to North Texas


North Texas (CBSNewsTexas.com) – Once considered a quiet lakeside suburb, a north Texas city has quickly become one of the region’s top recreational destinations.

The Colony’s Grandscape, just off the Sam Rayburn Turnpike, is home to some of the most anticipated new restaurants, social events and venues.

This week alone, the development opened three venues: Quartino, World of Beer and Sixes Social Cricket, the first indoor social cricket venue in the United States.

“It was almost an obvious first stop for us,” said Sixes Social Cricket general manager Mike Lestingi. “We think we have a great opportunity to grow and expose people to the game of cricket.”

City leaders were specifically looking for novel concepts like Six to help make Grandscape famous.

Colony Mayor Richard Boyer said: “We decided a few years ago that we wanted to build a destination, to go out and get something that people hadn’t seen before and probably didn’t even understand until they got here. .”

Earlier this month, crews broke ground on Cosm’s second “shared reality” entertainment venue in the US, whose 87-foot LED dome will bring fans to life without the need for headsets or augmented devices.

“It’s the best viewing experience in the world, with your favorite sports bar, your favorite stadium, the best club section in an arena,” said Cosm President and CEO Jeb Terry. Combine.”

There are mixed-use developments throughout the metropolis, but what really sets Grandscape apart is its size. If you’ve ever been to the Nebraska Furniture Mart or seen a towering Ferris wheel on the highway, you understand.

“We have 400 acres of land to build this project on,” Mayor Boyer said. “The results are really great, and there’s more to come.”

The bigger space is one of the things that attract new businesses.

“A lot of sites are coming up, but this one in particular is booming,” Terry said. “Not just because of what’s going on in the community around the colony, but how it’s grown.”

According to the city, the Colony has nearly quadrupled its sales and property tax revenues since the development began.

In 2005, eight years before the Nebraska Furniture Mart in Grandscape broke ground, the city took in $3 million in sales tax revenue and $11 million in property taxes. For fiscal year 2021-2022, those figures are $11.8 million and $38.8 million, respectively.

“Because of the substantial growth in the city’s business tax base, the City Council has been able to reduce residents’ property tax burden through year-on-year rate reductions and the recently approved homestead exemption,” said Blaine Crimmons of the Department of Communications. Director of The Colony.

Colony and Grandscape are working hard to create more dining, shopping and entertainment venues.

PopStroke, a miniature golf experience designed by Tiger Woods, is expected to open in Grandscape in 2024.


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