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DeSantis’ offense
open state do not swing

about: “DeSantis belittles San Francisco in new ad” (page A1, 22 June).

It pains me to watch Florida Governor Ron DeSantis viciously attack San Francisco and California. Of course, all the radical right-wing governors who still support Donald Trump and are hesitant to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are to be expected.

DeSantis must remember, California: Believes in science and vaccines; Won’t erase all references to slavery from history books because we can rewrite history books but cannot change history; Does not deny medical care to trans people Health care; does not ban abortion, but welcomes pregnant women to seek it; does not kidnap immigrants from distant states and bus or fly them to other states at taxpayer expense; does not deny global warming and is taking steps to minimize its causes and impact.

California may be sober, but red states are eccentric.

Mr Pamidi
san jose

GOP must stop treatment
politics as entertainment

If you’re confused about why Donald Trump is still a viable presidential candidate, start thinking of him as an entertainer who won the hearts of what we now call “Make America Great Again” Republicans over the years.

He was terrific as the irreverent, no-nonsense boss in “The Apprentice,” and he went on to turn the presidency into a political version of The Office. It was hilarious to watch him mock the Constitution and turn the Republican Party into a wacky cult. And how he legitimizes a tyrant while undermining our allies, oh my gosh, it’s so funny, it hurts on both sides of me. After being “cancelled” in 2020, you might have thought the show was over, but then he created a spin-off, playing the same character and doing it again, adding Rebellion as entertainment for his loyal fans.

It seems ridiculous, but it’s not. Unless Trump’s audience stops viewing politics as entertainment, we may see Donald Trump’s comedy in the real world again.

Todd Lowenstein
san jose

buy organic produce
aid farm workers

When you go to the grocery store, think of those who harvest our food.

according to director ann lopez Farmworker Family CenterSixty percent of them are undocumented, vulnerable to wage theft, sexual harassment, and even rape, and have no access to justice because of their status. They are exposed to toxic chemicals that lead to a variety of cancers, including brain cancer and childhood leukemia, high rates of birth defects and ADHD. These chemicals end up in the bloodstream of all of us.

Contact your congressional representative to ask why these chemicals are allowed and why farm workers are not protected. Buying organic produce is good for your health, the health of farm workers and the health of our environment.

Sharon Jackson
san jose

words matter
composting efforts

about: “Composting organic waste could help us fight climate change” (page A6, 16 June).

I am a long time reader of your paper.

I think using terms like garbage, as the Frog Hollow farm owner does when referring to compostable materials like food scraps and food-contaminated paper, greatly diminishes their intrinsic value from the perspective of residents and businesses. .

I think it is imperative that agencies responsible for implementing separate schemes to collect food scraps and food-contaminated paper emphasize the importance of respecting these valuable materials and their important role in fighting climate change.

Vera Dale Lakaz

The need to address climate change
respect, don’t panic

about: “Global heat records drop – panic may be normal“(page A7, 21 June).

A little panic can help fight climate change, argues Mark Gonlov. I think purposeful respect is the appropriate response.


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