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Constance hotels commit to biodiversity conservation

Constance hotels commit to biodiversity conservation

Constance Hotels & Resorts, one of the leading hospitality groups in the Middle East, has discovered many endemic species in its surrounding area and has adapted its landscape planning and nursery to protect the biodiversity of its destination.

It is committed to the continued development of sustainable tourism in the region, giving back to the local community and protecting its ecosystem, taking into account global standards for reusing, recycling and protecting natural resources.

Wherever Constance Hotels & Resorts operates, it is committed to balancing economic priorities with social responsibility to preserve the natural and cultural heritage around it.

With the help of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and experts on the ground in Konstanz, the group discovered many endemic species in its surroundings and adapted landscape planning and nurseries to preserve the biodiversity of its destination.

mangrove protection
The evergreen nature of mangroves and their unique ability to survive the most challenging habitats make them ecosystem engineers, providing shelter and nutrient supplies to many marine and terrestrial species, and reducing harmful greenhouse gases through carbon sequestration.

With its unique location, Constance Ephelia Seychelles is committed to improving the genetic diversity around the resort and has planted and monitored over 4,000 trees in Port Launay, Seychelles with the support of local government and international organisations. Guests and community members are regularly invited to visit the mangrove nursery to appreciate and understand the contribution of mangroves to global ecosystems and climate change.

Turtle Conservation
At Constance Lemuria Seychelles, Grande Anse Kerlan remains the number one beach on Praslin Island, with a proper turtle conservation program led by Robert Matombe with guidance from renowned scientist Dr Jeanne Mortimer. The eco-kiosk remains open during the day and guests are free to visit and learn about the flora and fauna of Seychelles as the hotel works to raise awareness of the importance of protecting coastal vegetation in order to maximize the number of sea turtles that nest on the beach.

October and February mark the start of the returning season for endangered hawksbill and green sea turtles. The unspoiled beaches around Constance Lemuria are perfect for female turtles to lay their eggs. Each female tortoise can lay up to 1,000 eggs in one season, return to the beach to lay eggs up to 5 times, and lay up to 200 eggs at a time.

Constance Lemuria’s Turtle Manager conducts daily beach patrols to watch for turtle tracks and nests in the sand and to relocate turtle eggs if sites are not safe. The program started in 2015 under the direction of Dr Mortimer, known in Seychelles as ‘Madame Torti’. Guests can participate in these morning patrols, making a great contribution to preserving the beautiful surroundings. Under the supervision of a Turtle Manager, guests at Constance Lemuria can experience the unique experience of watching a female turtle climb up the beach to lie down before watching her hatchlings descend into the sea.

world bee day
Constance Prince Maurice celebrates his hives for the first time on World Bee Day 2019; recognizing the urgent need to protect the island’s biodiversity, Constance Prince Maurice’s team dedicates part of their land to beekeeping, allowing bees to thrive in this special place grows and produces an equally special nectar. The number of hives rapidly increased and became an integral part of the chef’s garden. Hotel guests can enjoy this unadulterated taste of nature at breakfast, or indulge in the healing power of nature with a honey massage treatment at Constance Spa.

coral reef restoration
Coral reefs produce half the oxygen we breathe and create some of the largest biological structures visible from space. Their complex three-dimensional structure hosts the highest number of marine species per unit area compared to other marine ecosystems. It’s like a busy little city where different flora and fauna find shelter, food or mating partners. Coral reefs also support fisheries and tourism, protect coastlines, and help combat climate change, among other important functions.

Constance Moofushi Maldives has taken a number of steps to nourish the coral reefs around the resort’s private island and has a coral conservation project with the help of a resident marine biologist who monitors the reef’s recovery at three sites around the island and helps restore Endangered coral reef ecosystems.

Under the supervision and guidance of a marine biologist, guests visiting Constance Moofushi can donate and help secure small pieces of coral with cable ties to the framing bars before placing them in the water to restore and grow more corals on the island. Many natural coral reefs. Lagoon cleanups are also a regular activity at Constance Moofushi to remove debris from ocean currents and help marine ecosystems regenerate themselves. – trade arab news agency

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