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‘Defended Harry but…’: Princess Diana’s butler ‘confused’ by memoir World News

‘Defended Harry but…’: Princess Diana’s butler ‘confused’ by memoir World News

princess diana’s fFormer butler Paul Burrell says Prince Harry “lost the plot” after publishing his memoir Spare earlier this month. A close confidant of Princess Diana, Paul Burrell once described him as her “rock solid”.

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After Princess Diana’s tragic death in a car accident in 1997, Paul Burrell wrote two books about his time working for her. Paul Burrell on how he was ‘confused’ prince harry published his memoirs.

“[Harry’s] He called me “Paul” all his life. He knows how much I love his mother and protect her memory, he knows it all. Why did he call me “Mother’s housekeeper”? Why didn’t he ask and come to me in person and say he was not happy with the situation? “,He said.

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The former butler said his mental health had “come under fire” since the memoir was published, and attacked Prince Harry for not considering “the mental health of anyone he wrote about”.

“I have been defending [Harry] Until the last minute, now I’m thinking, ‘Harry, you’ve lost the plot’. What happened? That young man changed, he changed, and I feel bad for that,” he said.

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Referring to Queen Elizabeth II’s death last year, he said, “From the age of 18, she [Queen Elizabeth II] is my surrogate mother. She teaches me about life every day. She encouraged me to get married and have children. “

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