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Poet, scientist and influencer’s dream job in UAE: report


Becoming a professional poet is the ultimate career choice for those living in the UAE, followed by the dream of becoming a scientist, YouTuber or social media influencer, says Remitly, a top expat financial services provider.

The notion of a “job for life” has changed dramatically in recent years, with a new generation more likely to seek a career switch rather than “settling down” in a job role they dislike.

With this in mind, Remitly looked at global search data to find out which jobs are most popular with residents of each country. This was achieved by analyzing the annual search volume for phrases often associated with researching a new career, such as ‘how to become a poet’ – the most searched jobs in each country topped their specific rankings.

A highly romanticized career choice with a long history, poetry has long been part of Arab culture and is echoed through its place among the country’s dream career choices.

Beneath that, however, is the diverse mix of characters, with more modern career options coming to the fore. Being a YouTuber or a social media influencer, both ways of making a living that have only been around for a decade, came in third and fourth in the rankings, higher than being a professional footballer or a comedian, highlighting the region’s love and passion for football love comedy.

Top 10 Dream Jobs in UAE

1. poet
2. Scientists
4. Influencers
5. Comedian
6. Football Coach
7. Football player
8. Athletes
9. Illustrator
10. Programmer

Remitly’s research also looked at the most coveted jobs in other parts of the world and found that taking to the skies and becoming a pilot is the number one dream job globally, topping wish lists in 25 countries.

Becoming a pilot, known for its lucrative salary, good job prospects and travel opportunities, is obviously favored by places around the world such as the UK, USA, Cyprus and Montenegro. With nearly 1 million Google searches per year since becoming a pilot project, its worldwide popularity is undeniable.

Top 10 dream jobs in the world

1. Pilot
2. Writer
3. Dancer
5. Entrepreneur
6. Actor
7. Influencers
8. Programmer
9. Singer
10. teacher

The full survey results are compiled into an easy-to-navigate map, with each country’s dream job clearly marked.

Jago McKenzie, Director of Business Management at Remitly, commented: “With the increased flexibility of working online and retraining, people have become accustomed to the idea of ​​changing careers at least once in their lifetime. Some of the main reasons people seek a career change are to achieve better work balance life, better pay, and more meaningful and fulfilling careers. With that in mind, I’m not surprised to see so many people around the world demonstrating a clear willingness to change.”

“We can see a huge number of different careers, including many that can be done entirely online from anywhere in the world. It’s clear that our desire to travel and explore has not waned, and even grown, over the past few years, with emerging New roles such as being an influencer, being closely associated with travel and being able to capture regular content no matter where you are,” McKenzie added. – trade arab news agency


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