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Delta Paints Unveils Major Expansion Plans in Oman and Saudi Arabia


Dubai-based waterproofing specialist and protective coating systems company Delta Coatings International has announced its ambitious three-year strategic growth plan for the Middle East, focusing on the strategic markets of Oman, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The expansion will include opening a new factory in Saudi Arabia, strengthening representation in Oman and Egypt, in addition to launching a range of innovative in-house products and significantly expanding turnkey project delivery services covering waterproofing and asset protection solutions. Suitable for large and gigabit projects, the company said in a statement.

For over a decade, Delta Coatings has provided world-class polyurea, polyurethane and polyaspartic solutions to customers in the MENA region.

The company specializes in superior waterproofing and protective coating solutions for lagoons and water parks, residential and commercial projects, and large desalination, reservoir and wastewater treatment plants.

Delta also manufactures and supplies custom solutions for corrosion, wear and impact protection.

Transitioning from a midstream coating systems company to a full-service operator serving midstream and downstream markets, Delta Coatings’ multifaceted growth strategy focuses on strengthening its existing offerings and Serve. While taking advantage of the company’s revolutionary single-supplier advantages as a manufacturer and applicator, the statement said.

Delta has revealed that it has developed an innovative roll-applied polyurea waterproofing membrane specifically to meet the growing needs of the ready-to-use SME construction market, which will offer the same benefits as thermal sprayed polyurea coatings, but without the need for Polyurea coatings are applied using thermal spray. Requires a substantial investment in expensive multi-component spray equipment.

This new product, DeltaShield ProSeal, is a hand applied cold cure UV stabilized polyurea waterproofing membrane with a very fast cure time and excellent elongation without the need for reinforcement mesh or other secondary reinforcement products, with the advantage of reduced application time .

The resulting lower labor costs and significantly lower risk of potential damage from severe weather further simplifies the project management process for subsequent deals, the report said.

Belvin Marx, Managing Director, said: “In response to an increasing number of tender inquiries, primarily from Oman and Saudi Arabia, we are delighted to be extending our revolutionary turnkey waterproofing project delivery service to the country and beyond to meet the growing needs.”

“We offer a single supplier advantage and the unique advantage of a turnkey model, with Delta Coatings completing all phases of major waterproofing projects. This means that Delta Coatings is responsible for the supply, planning, management and execution phases of all coating and lining projects without the need for Involvement of third-party vendors or applications,” he noted.

“This single point of contact concept simplifies project delivery and reduces risk for asset owners while providing a more cost-effective option. Key benefits include a single comprehensive warranty covering the entire ‘supply and application’ execution of work. This single The supplier model protects the asset owner by removing the ever-present risk that if any remedial work needs to be done during the warranty period, neither the builder nor the manufacturer will be fully liable,” he added.

According to him, the large-scale projects that Delta Paint has successfully carried out in this way include Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant, Meydan Crystal Lagoon, Tilal Al Ghaf Crystal Lagoon, Mohammed bin Rashid City Phase I, Phase II and Phase III And Emaar waterfront district cooling etc. plant.

“Our market research has identified significant potential in the growing market for self-service applications and facilities management,” Marx said.

“We are in the final stages of fine-tuning a consumer version of our innovative roll-on waterproofing product, especially for the self-applying and DIY markets, where the demand for convenient, ready-to-use, hand-applied products is high,” he added.– trade arab news agency


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