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WATCH: Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neiyadi’s ‘deep hole’ wardrobe in space


DUBAI: Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi showed off his unique “wardrobe” in space in a new video released Monday from the International Space Station (ISS).

The ‘Sultan of Space’, who is on the longest Arab space mission to the International Space Station, took his social media followers on a tour of the unique site, which looks like a deep hole in the middle of a huge pile of white bags .

After falling into the hollow in the middle of the bag, Arneiadi said, “Today, I take you to a strange place that you may see for the first time.”

He then revealed that he was on the front end of the ISS’s Node 2, known as the PMA, or press fit adapter (PMA).

The PMA is an important link between the International Space Station and the Dragon spacecraft.

“Right behind me is the Crew-6 Dragon spacecraft,” Al Neyadi said, referring to the SpaceX vehicle that launched him and three other members of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-6 mission into space on March 2. Endeavor Dragon with the International Space Station March 3.

Interestingly, Al Neyadi revealed that the PMA is not just a connection point, it can also serve as a wardrobe for astronauts on the International Space Station. “We also use this place as a ‘closet,'” Arneiadi said.

What are CTBs?

“It consists of bags organized by the astronauts’ names and labeled accordingly. These bags contain their personal belongings and some of the tools needed to live on the ISS,” he explained. Providing details, the 42-year-old Emirati astronaut said bags of various sizes were used to store the astronauts’ belongings.

“This is called a half CTB, which is a cargo transfer bag, and then we have a full one, which is 1.0 CTB.”

He pulled a bag out of his bag and said, “Let’s say we use this bag to store some tools that I want to keep with me.”

The first thing he pulled out of his bag was Suhail, the mascot of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC), the agency behind the UAE’s astronaut program that will bring Al Neyadi sent to the International Space Station.

“This is our friend Sohail,” Arneiadi said, releasing the plush toy, dubbed “Little Astronaut,” to float in the microgravity orbiting laboratory.

Arneiadi explained that it was in that bag that he stored his belongings for media appearances. The bag contains his spacesuit, as well as items designed to provide insight into life on the International Space Station, which are valuable educational resources.

Sanitation Supplies Clothes

This was followed by a second bag, Arneiadi revealed, which contained his personal belongings, including sanitation tools needed to keep the space clean.

“These bags are used to store bath products, soap, toothbrushes, razors, and other personal hygiene-related items. Also the tools I use in my day-to-day work on the International Space Station.”

He opened another bag and said it was a full CTB that could store astronaut clothes.

He said the entire CTB can accommodate a two-week supply of clothing, including T-shirts, socks, sportswear, underwear and other essential clothing for daily life and physical fitness activities.

“There are other bags with pants, belts and other items,” he said, adding that astronauts have everything they need for everyday life in the PMA.

He concludes the video by expressing the hope that viewers will enjoy and benefit from learning more about life aboard the ISS, giving people a rare glimpse into an astronaut’s day-to-day life in space.


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