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Demand intelligence tools to drive growth in UAE food retail, says CENSA CEO


CENSA, a WayCool Foods company, highlighted the critical role of demand intelligence tools in driving the growth and success of the UAE’s food retail industry.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) food retail industry is poised to witness significant growth, presenting enormous opportunities for retailers. The industry, worth about $100 billion, is expanding rapidly. However, challenges such as fragmented supply chains, food waste and price volatility require innovative solutions.

Demand intelligence tools leverage cutting-edge technology to meticulously collect and analyze data on consumer behavior, demand patterns, and supply chain dynamics. By leveraging this valuable insight, retailers are able to make informed strategic decisions regarding product assortment and inventory management.

Avinash Kasinathan, Chief Executive Officer of CENSA, commented: “As the UAE food retail industry continues to trend upwards, the use of demand intelligence tools has become critical for retailers seeking to stay ahead of the competition. become more and more important. These tools enable retailers to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and increase customer satisfaction. In an evolving market, demand intelligence tools will be the cornerstone of success, enabling retailers to capitalize on growth opportunities and secure their presence in the position in the global market.”

The benefits that demand intelligence tools offer in the UAE food retail sector are manifold. First, they address the pressing food waste problem by promoting proper inventory management. With accurate demand forecasting, retailers can maintain optimal inventory levels, reducing waste, saving money and promoting environmental sustainability. Second, these tools increase customer satisfaction by ensuring retailers always deliver what they want. This availability increases sales and fosters steadfast customer loyalty, strengthening the retailer’s position in the market. Third, demand intelligence tools simplify supply chains and align supply and demand more effectively. This saves costs and improves operational efficiency, giving retailers a competitive advantage. Ultimately, these tools drive innovation and new product development, enabling retailers to proactively meet customer needs and increase sales and profits.

A real-life example of the implementation of demand intelligence tools in the food retail sector in the UAE highlights its usefulness and effectiveness. For example, a well-known supermarket chain has successfully optimized its inventory management process to effectively curb food waste and keep customers happy. Likewise, fast food chains utilize demand intelligence tools to develop and launch new products and services, thereby increasing sales and market success. Furthermore, food delivery services reap the benefits of demand intelligence by optimizing delivery routes, reducing delivery time, and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. These success stories underscore the critical role of demand intelligence tools in addressing industry challenges and driving growth in the UAE’s food retail sector.

In conclusion, food retailing in the UAE is on a remarkable growth trajectory. To overcome the challenges and unlock the full potential of this industry, demand intelligence tools are essential. “For retailers in the UAE food retail industry, a robust and data-driven approach is critical to navigating the changing landscape and capitalizing on growth opportunities. Demand intelligence tools provide the insights necessary to optimize operations, reduce waste, and meet changing customers demand. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, retailers can stay ahead of the competition and secure their position in the global market,” concludes Avinash.


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