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Preservation and protection of capital remains a ‘top priority’ for investors


According to Berkeley Assets, value preservation and capital protection, private market investment diversification, and corporate digital transformation remain the three key trends driving financial growth and stability in 2023.

Berkeley Assets, a British private equity firm with more than 15 years of experience, said in its financial insights into the Middle East investment sector that private markets have grown in popularity due to last year’s turmoil in public markets, with more and more investors leaning towards the safer side alternatives. .

In the region, however, Berkeley Assets has seen a gradual shift in investor attitudes towards riskier opportunities, capitalizing on potentially higher returns. It attributes this trend to the greater economic stability of the UAE and the wider region compared to the West.

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Commenting on the investment potential of the Middle East, Omar Jackson, Partner at Berkeley Assets, said: “The region is in a period of dramatic acceleration. There is a growing belief that Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Riyadh together are the new London, Paris , Los Angeles and New York. The Middle East is the new West, a new era in that regard. The region is particularly focused on furthering business and enterprise and is a sands of entrepreneurs, offering great opportunities for start-ups and investors.”

Additionally, the region is increasingly home to several new economies, fostering a growing start-up ecosystem and attracting the best global talent. As a result, investors see lucrative gaps in the market for alternative opportunities such as start-ups, private business acquisitions, franchising and venture capital. Moreover, private equity remains a favored asset class despite challenges such as rising interest rates and inflation concerns.

While Berkeley Assets continues to participate in real estate opportunities, it has increasingly focused on traditional private equity. This includes acquisitions by private companies in high-performing markets such as the UAE, as well as in other markets.

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The firm also contributes to high-profile pre-IPO opportunities around the world in technology and entertainment on some of the world’s top stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange. A recent example is a global technology and artificial intelligence company called Triller.

Based in London and Dubai, Berkeley Assets is capitalizing on new investment opportunities to deliver stable and sustainable returns. Berkeley Assets’ continued success is based on its continued ability to provide clients with adequate security and protection measures, as well as its direct approach and quality service. — trade arab news agency


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