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Despite high costs, more travelers are opting for the comfort of glamping for recreation


Camping can be one of the cheapest ways to travel. By some metrics, however, a relatively new style of camping is on the rise: glamping.

Glamping is a fusion of luxury and nature, with tents filled with plush pillows and some even featuring private bathrooms with hot water. Campgrounds usually have fast Wi-Fi, and camping activities such as pitching a tent and lighting a fire are already done for you. But the blend of outdoor charm and hotel comfort makes the prices more expensive than high-end hotels. It’s also in stark contrast to what a traditional camper would cost.

In 2021, U.S. national park visitors will spend an average of $351 per group per day on traditional accommodations outside the parks, such as hotels or bed and breakfasts. According to the Department of the Interior’s 2021 Visitor Spending Report, the camp party cost just $149. That’s a 58% discount for visitors willing to trade concrete for canvas. But canvas doesn’t always mean cost savings. That is, if you’re camping.

For example, you might pay $650 per night after taxes, resort fee Hosted at Under Canvas Zion as part of a glamping trip to Utah’s Zion National Park this fall. About 30 minutes from the park entrance, the resort offers safari-style tents with beds, bathrooms, hot showers and wood-burning stoves. There is no electricity, but guests can borrow a USB battery pack to charge their devices. The resort fee includes unlimited grilled morels, live music and yoga classes.

$650 includes the cost of an entry-level tent that sleeps two adults in one king bed. Suite tents include a queen sofa bed in addition to a king bed (and are thus more family-friendly), and fall weekends are close to $850 a night.

Under Canvas is one of the largest glamping operators. Another, AutoCamp, offers canvas tents as well as other accommodations, including Airstream trailers. A weekend at AutoCamp Zion this fall will run you about $570 a night, after taxes. Larger campsites with airflow and tents (enough for six) can run closer to $900 per night. However, such prices did not deter tourists. Glamping is rapidly gaining popularity.

By 2022, an estimated 10.5 million households will be glamping, up from an estimated 7.7 million households in 2020. That’s according to the 2023 North American Camping and Outdoor Lodging Report by Kampgrounds of America (KOA), which operates more than 500 campgrounds across the U.S. state. and Canada.

camping to cool down

Various camping activities began to rise at the beginning of the outbreak.

In 2019, 23.5 million North American households said they camped in traditional tents, a number that will surge 31% to 30.8 million in 2020, according to KOA’s survey. In 2021, this number will increase by 50.2% from 2019 to 35.3 million.

In 2022, the number of traditional campers will drop below 2020 levels, returning to approximately 30.4 million households.

Camping of all kinds will account for 40% of North American vacations in 2021, but that will drop to 32% by 2022. Some of you may not be camping anymore, but only if your definition of camping is pitching your own tent and making your own fire.

The glamping boom—despite the high cost

If you’re willing to think of glamping as a form of camping, North America’s enthusiasm for camping is only just beginning. While the KOA says it’s the first time the number of tent camping households has declined since it began tracking the data in 2014, interest in glamping has grown to the point that the overall rate for all types of camping is at an all-time high. High.

In 2020, 4.8 million North American camping households said they would choose a cabin or glamping as their primary form of accommodation, according to KOA’s survey. That number will grow to 5.1 million by 2021 and more than double to 12.3 million by 2022. This figure comes despite the high cost of glamping, which often exceeds the price of a traditional hotel.

KOA analyzed the average daily spending of travelers in 2022 and found that luxury campers will spend about 18% more ($61) than traditional campers. Glampers also spend about 3% more ($12) than traditional hotel guests.

According to the KOA report, some 63 percent of respondents said they prefer glamping for an experience that combines the benefits of resort accommodation with the great outdoors. In the Airflow Suite at AutoCamp Zion, sleep on a plush mattress and relax in a walk-in rain shower. AutoCamp is located along the Russian River in Northern California, and some suites have private wood-fired hot tubs.

Despite its higher price tag, glamping’s amenities appear to appeal to non-campers—33 percent of KOA survey respondents said they chose glamping because they wanted an outdoor experience but didn’t actually have to go camping.


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