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DET Launches “The Co-Kitchen”, the First Kitchen Warmer


The Mohammed bin Rashid Development Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (Dubai SME), an agency of the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), has recognized The Common Kitchen as its first kitchen incubator. This will take place under the umbrella of the Dubai Business Incubator Network (DBIN), with support from the Hamdan Innovation Incubator (HI2).

The joint kitchen is in line with DET’s efforts to further cement Dubai’s position as a leading hub for creators and innovators and a global food hub, making it a preferred global destination to visit, live and work as envisioned by Dubai’s visionary leadership land. .

The Co-Kitchen business incubator offers a new opportunity for catering start-ups, related home businesses and investors to expand in the sector, experiment with their new ideas and benefit from access to the extensive network of accredited incubators and business accelerators in Dubai, across the emirate entrepreneurship support system and training and mentoring services.

many advantages

Co-Kitchen offers many advantages to entrepreneurs and start-ups, including a low-cost platform to launch projects without huge investments, flexible exit strategies, a strong community to support growth through access to suppliers and entrepreneurs to benefit and achieve their goals , a shared kitchen with flexible hours of use, and comprehensive consultation addressing everything from production phases and business strategy to marketing and sales.

Prior to its launch, the incubator attracted five start-ups, which is a positive indication of the amount of demand it anticipates at various stages of development.

The food and beverage industry is one of the key industries in Dubai, with more than 13,000 establishments, including cafes, local and international restaurants, and fine dining destinations, cementing Dubai’s position as the world’s leading food tourism destination. Home to more than 200 different nationalities, Dubai has been recognized as the number one destination in the world and the number four destination for ‘food lovers’ in the 2022 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, showcasing the depth and offerings of the culinary scene diversity.


Abdul Baset Al Janahi, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai SMEs, said: “Adopting the first kitchen incubator to be part of the Dubai business incubator network is an innovative move that enriches the network and expands its target industries as part of our strengthening strategy Dubai’s startup ecosystem, guided by our visionary leadership, positions Dubai as a premier destination for business, investment and tourism.

“Dubai has been focusing on growing the F&B sector and Dubai SMEs will continue to facilitate entrepreneurs to capitalize on this growing sector by providing a range of services from legal to technical support and marketing expertise, financial and accounting services, as well as employment and training, as part of the support provided by Dubai’s accredited business incubator network.”

Shehzad Afzal Bhatti, Founder of The Co-Kitchen, said: “This is a great opportunity to nurture entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the emirate’s F&B sector by offering the first shared kitchen. We thank the Dubai SME team for their support and Visionary develops entrepreneurs across all sectors in the emirate.”

Premium Service Package

The Dubai Business Incubator Network offers its members a package of services, whereby member companies from the UAE and the GCC can access the services of Dubai SMEs, while UAE members and GCC citizens with 100% company ownership can take advantage of a five-year license fee waiver . DBIN will also enable Dubai-based innovators and entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects through digital crowdfunding platform Dubai Next.

Member companies will also be given access to seminars, events, demonstrations and other services offered by Hamdan Innovation Incubator (HI2) and its partners, as well as services and consultations in the field of intellectual property and trademarks.

DBIN acts as a guiding entity that assists, encourages and provides best practice in business incubation programs in the country and seeks to stimulate economic and developmental activities by establishing new facilities that can offer promising investment opportunities, thereby contributing to strengthening the national economy and creating More job opportunities.

The network also seeks to support and ensure the success of business activities through its various programmes, by facilitating the exchange of information and practical experience between accredited incubators and accelerators, policy makers, clients and relevant authorities. — trade arab news agency


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