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Saturday, April 13, 2024

DP World Invests in Evyap Port in Türkiye

DP World and Turkey’s Evyap Group have agreed to establish a strategic equity partnership involving DP World Yarimca Port and Evyap Port. This collaboration is aimed at bolstering and expanding trade infrastructure, particularly by enhancing container port facilities and optimizing efficiencies in the vital Marmara gateway market.

Upon finalization, DP World will possess a 58 percent stake in Evyap Port, while Evyap Group will hold a 42 percent stake in DP World Yarimca. The combined entity will be known as DP World Evyap Port. Regulatory approvals are still pending for the transaction.

Through the synergy of DP World’s global expertise and Evyap Group’s local prominence, this partnership aims to elevate supply chain solutions in Turkey.

The collaboration’s objectives encompass augmenting productivity, minimizing turnaround times, ensuring security, and expanding service offerings to advance Turkish trade.

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