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The Hazards of Driving Below the Speed Limit: Increased Risk of Accidents in the UAE-1

Driving below speed limits can pose dangers, especially when motorists occupy high-speed lanes without allowing faster vehicles to pass. Dubai Police emphasizes that the first lane is reserved for overtaking and emergency vehicles, but it’s often misused by drivers maintaining speeds close to the maximum limit.

Instructing Caution – Insights from Experienced Drivers

Veteran driving instructor Mohammed Asif sheds light on the hazards of lingering in the first lane below the speed limit. As Asif points out, this behavior increases the chances of accidents, as other drivers may not anticipate sudden decreases in speed.

 Fines as Deterrents: Abu Dhabi’s Regulatory Measures: Driving Below

To discourage slow driving on high-speed roads, Abu Dhabi Police introduced fines. In April 2023, a Dh400 penalty was announced for speeds under 120kmph in the first two lanes of a 140kmph road, impacting the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Road connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Unforeseen Penalties: Experiences of Drivers

Drivers, like expat Basma, share their surprise at receiving fines for driving below speed limits. Basma highlights the importance of being aware of the rules, especially when traveling between cities.

Advisories from Authorities: Staying Informed

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) and UAE authorities recommend residents stay informed about regulatory changes to avoid unintentional violations. Regular updates through official channels help motorists navigate evolving road rules.

Instructor’s Wisdom: Road Safety and Adhering to Limits

Driving instructor Asif emphasizes the importance of adhering to prescribed speed limits on main roads and residential streets. Encouraging a mindset of giving way to other drivers promotes overall road safety.

Abu Dhabi Police’s Ongoing Road Safety Initiatives: Driving Below

Abu Dhabi Police actively engages residents through social media, sharing road safety notices and warning videos. Their emphasis on enforcing minimum speed limits aligns with the broader goal of enhancing driver safety and reducing accident risks.

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