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Dubai approves second phase of development in Hatta area


Dubai authorities have announced that the Hatta development is making steady progress with 14 projects completed and four more under implementation, according to reports Wow.

The completed projects include the development of a master plan for the Hatta region, which includes a strategic framework and a detailed implementation plan for a package of projects and initiatives aimed at supporting the development of the region, the report said.

With work on the first phase on track, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has now approved the second phase of the development, which will include 22 Projects and initiatives that will start this year.

One of the main objectives of these strategic projects is to transform Hatta Beach into an all-season tourist destination for residents and tourists.

The waterfront of Hatta Beach offers a variety of recreational facilities, services and activities to cater to the different needs of tourists. These facilities are expected to increase the number of tourists and visitors to the area, Wow Report.

The Badal Waterfall will be built near the Badal Dam. A 5.4km cable car will also be installed at the site to transport tourists from the dam to the summit of Mount Um Nussul, Dubai’s highest peak.

The projects also include a mountain cable car track to improve accessibility to Hatta Dam and a platform at Hatta Dam to ensure safe travel for tourists to the area.

Urban design hotels and health resorts in keeping with the natural surroundings of the area will also be built. It added that the facilities will cater to all segments of society and boost tourism across Hatta.

Sheikh Mohammed then reviewed the progress of the first phase of Hatta Development Projects and Initiatives, which includes 14 projects and initiatives.

The Supreme Council overseeing the work on the Hatta project briefed him on the completed projects, which include urban design guidelines for the construction of Hatta’s unique mountainous landscape, as well as the Hatta Bazaar and Hatta Heritage Village, which aims to highlight the region’s rich culture, history and culture. customs, enhancing the cultural and historical image of the region.

As part of the development, in addition to the construction of 100 ethnic houses, a new residential area model was designed.

Regarding the design for the 146,000-square-foot bazaar, the commission said it was a combination of modern and traditional elements that blend naturally with the region’s mountainous surroundings.According to reports, natural resources obtained from the mountains of Hatta were used to build the bazaar to ensure harmony with the surrounding environment Wow.

It has more than 43,000 square feet of floor space and includes 7 stores, 6 indoor and 7 outdoor kiosks, 42 sales platforms, a large store with 8 food carts, a children’s play area, outdoor seating and green areas and Men’s and women’s prayer rooms and communal facilities, it added.


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