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EGA signs agreement to share best practices in Emiratisation

EGA signs agreement to share best practices in Emiratisation

Emirates Global Aluminum, the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside of oil and gas, has today signed an agreement with the Emirates Council for Talent Competitiveness (NAFIS) to share the company’s best practices in Emiratisation with the private sector.

EGA has one of the highest emirates rates of any major company due to the high number of blue collar jobs in heavy industry. Under the agreement, NAFIS and EGA will collaborate so that private sector companies can benefit from EGA’s more than four years of emiratization experience, a statement said.

The agreement was signed at EGA’s Al Taweelah site in the presence of NAFIS Secretary General Ghannam Butti Al Mazrouei and EGA Chief Executive Officer Abdulnasser Bin Kalban.

During his visit, Dr Al Awar welcomed hundreds of newly recruited Emiratis at the EGA.

The new hires are among more than 220 EGA nationals hired last year, including 100 women. EGA 2022 The average age of UAE residents is 23 years. While EGA recruits mid-career specialists, the firm focuses on attracting and developing young people who are starting their careers into future talent.

NAFIS is a federal government initiative to increase the competitiveness of UAE citizens and provide them with private sector job opportunities, including through recruitment, training, and salary and benefit support. NAFIS is expected to distribute approximately AED 24 billion within five years of its launch, providing benefits to 170,000 UAE citizens.

By 2022, EGA’s focus on Emiratisation is 42%.

Dr Al Awar said: “It was a real honor to meet the talented young Emiratis who started their careers at the EGA.

EGA has been at the forefront of Emiratisation over the past few decades, with local talent fundamental to the global competitiveness of this Emirati industrial company. All private sector companies can benefit from EGA’s expertise in our efforts to drive the Emiratisation of the national economy. “

Al Mazrouei said: “We are proud to partner with EGA as a valued member of NAFIS, the UAE Council for Talent Competitiveness, in line with the government’s efforts to build strong partnerships and create a supportive environment for the UAE to excel in the private sector Aligned. Our partnership demonstrates our commitment to foster collaboration for the benefit of private sector workers through the NAFIS program and its empowerment initiatives. We commend the EGA for its unwavering dedication and comprehensive plans to foster a productive UAE in the private industrial sector human capital.

Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, Chief Executive Officer of EGA, said: “Recruiting and developing UAE nationals has been a priority for EGA since production began in the late 1970s. Opportunities are created by men and women. We look forward to working closely with NAFIS and supporting its work to accelerate Emiratisation in the private sector in the UAE. It is an honor to introduce Your Excellency to some of our new hires.”

Iman Al Qasim, Executive Vice President, Human Capital, Emirates Global Aluminum, said: “The agreement with NAFIS will allow us to share our knowledge and experience in recruiting and developing UAE nationals to succeed in the private sector. Recruiting and developing UAE nationals to support our own further Emiratisation. As our own aim is to continuously improve our Emiratization performance at EGA for the future success of the company and the country.”

EGA’s National Training Program prepares young UAE nationals for operational roles at EGA’s industrial facilities and administration. Since the programs were first established in 1982, more than 5,000 UAE nationals have graduated from these programmes, many of whom have pursued long and successful careers at EGA, some reaching the highest levels of the company.

Nearly 1,200 UAE nationals now work at EGA. EGA’s more than 700 UAE employees are under the age of 35. – trade arab news agency

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