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Emirates airline catering signs agreement to offer ready-to-eat meals


Global wellness company GMG has partnered with Emirates in-flight catering to launch an exclusive range of high-quality takeaway meals.

The UAE government has been promoting healthy eating and launching campaigns to encourage consumers to make better food choices. To extend this vision, Emirates Inflight Catering and GMG’s Grocery – Retail division have joined forces to supply freshly prepared food to GMG’s nationwide network of retail outlets. This is the first time Emirates Catering has partnered with a retail giant to offer ready-to-eat meals.

Mohammad A Baker, GMG Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: “The country’s diverse population, including locals and expats from different nationalities, has created a rich culinary scene. In our customer-centric approach Driven by our partnership with Emirates Airline Catering, we are committed to creating bespoke food ranges that meet and exceed customer expectations for ready-made, freshly prepared meals.

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“This collaboration is the first step in the grocery retailer’s commitment to innovating and developing food products to enhance the customer experience. A new class of needs.”

The ready-to-eat food industry in the UAE has been expanding rapidly due to a combination of factors including increasing urbanization, changing demographics and increasing numbers of professionals and expatriates.

These meals are prepared using the highest quality ingredients and the menus have been carefully designed by experienced Emirates catering chefs. As part of GMG’s commitment to sustainable food packaging, the entire range is also packaged in recyclable material. Both partners are committed to continuously monitoring customer feedback and incorporating it into new meals currently and in development.

Additionally, Emirates inflight catering plays an integral role in supporting Everyday Goods’ ground store teams, food preparation training and customer service.

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Some of the ingredients will come from Bustanica, the world’s largest hydroponic farm, recently established as a joint venture between Emirates Flight Catering and Crop One Holdings Inc., an industry leader in technology-driven indoor vertical farming. The 330,000-square-foot facility is capable of producing more than 1,000,000 kilograms of high-quality leafy greens annually while using 95 percent less water than conventional farming.

“While convenience is a key driver, there is also a growing demand for healthier and more nutritious ready-to-eat meal options. Consumers are increasingly seeking meals that match their dietary preferences. Ready-to-eat meals in UAE Reflecting this Baker added: “GMG is committed to diversity, offering a wide range of international cuisine options to suit different tastes and preferences. We at GMG hope to add value to the industry through this partnership. “

Mahmood Ameen, Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Airline Catering, commented: “This is an important milestone and a strategic step for Emirates Airline Catering, as we diversify into retail and deliver exceptional food solutions, surpassing our experience in aviation and aviation. An established position in the field.Event catering.Our talented multinational team of chefs worked closely with GMG to develop a range of fresh, convenient ready-to-eat meals to suit the preferences of different customer segments.Each meal, whether it is a sandwich, salad or Poke bowl , freshly made daily in our kitchen with the finest ingredients and freshest produce, and shipped immediately to GMG stores.

“Currently, we are producing an average of 200,000 meals per day across all business verticals, a number that is expected to increase during 2023. We are delighted that GMG has chosen to partner with us. We look forward to growing this partnership as we share our commitment to Delivering culinary excellence through innovation and products that meet the changing needs and preferences of our customers.” — trade arab news agency


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