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Emirates News Agency – Groundbreaking work by Emirati artists strengthens cultural ties between UAE, Kazakhstan

ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN, 16th June, 2023 (WAM) — A new exhibition by renowned Emirati artist Latifa Saeed has opened to the public in Almaty, strengthening cultural ties between the UAE and Kazakhstan and showcasing Creation of seminal artwork in 2 countries.

Titled “Black Silhouette,” the exhibition, which runs until July 8, is supported by Almaty’s municipality and Dubai-based Scalo Group as part of its commitment to promoting culture, art and community.

Ammar Albreiki, Head of Financial Administration, Consular and National Services Section, UAE Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan, joined local dignitaries to inaugurate the exhibition at the Municipal Almaty Gallery.

The focal point of the exhibition is a unique new artwork ‘Sand Road’, a captivating piece consisting of an intricately designed metal structure filled with water carefully handcrafted from the sand in the desert surrounding Latifa’s hometown of Dubai. Manufactured glass panels.

The glass panels are handcrafted with precision and flown in from Dubai, while the metal structure was designed and assembled in Almaty. Multidisciplinary artist Latifa Saeed traveled to Kazakhstan a month ago to collaborate with Kazakh inventor and engineer Sergey Belan to bring the artist’s vision to life. She is the first Emirati artist to hold an exhibition in Kazakhstan.

Curated by renowned art historian, critic and author Valeria Ibraeva, the exhibition has since met Latifa Saeed in Dubai in January 2023, He has been working closely with Latifa Saeed to curate the exhibition.

“It is an honor to host this exhibition with such an outstanding curator, and to have the full support of the UAE and Kazakhstan,” said Latifa Saeed.

“I have seen productive exchanges established, cultural bridges built between our two countries, and expressions of the identity of the region.”

The partnership with Latifa Saeed marks the start of Scalo Group’s commitment to supporting cultural, artistic and community events in the UAE.

“We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to support such a prestigious exhibition,” said Rashit Makhat, Director and Co-Founder of Scalo Group, which comprises tech venture company Scalo Technologies and Scalo Properties.

“It is a great satisfaction to play a role in showcasing Latifa’s extraordinary talents as a multi-talented Emirati artist whose work has the ability to strengthen ties between the UAE and Kazakhstan.”

During a visit to Latifa Saeed’s Dubai studio in January, curator Valeria Ibraeva met with other leading Emirati artists.

The Black Silhouettes exhibition showcases nine works by Latifa Saeed, who has used a variety of techniques including metal, textiles, glass and her primary medium, sand.

Each glass panel used to create ‘Sand Road’ contains a part of Latifa Saeed’s sand archive, adding a deep connection to the art installation. The fact that all three stages of the creative process took place simultaneously between Dubai and Almaty underscores the seamless integration of artistic expression and cultural exchange.

Visitors to the exhibition will experience the harmonious blend of materials, textures, intellectual and cultural influences that define the artist’s work, and see similarities and similarities between the two cultures.

Through her innovative approach and dedication, the artist demonstrates the power of art to transcend national borders, create cultural connections, social impact, and create foundational connections that transcend language and geography.


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