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England hope to light ashes with eye on entertainment


Who needs ashes? Australia are world test champions. It wouldn’t be a surprise if having a prize scepter didn’t get as much attention as it should. The World Trade Center Oval final is only the second edition of the trophy. There is more to Ashes than being king of the world. Such is the magic of England’s and Australia’s battles for the past 140 years.

The Big Three of Test cricket dominated the screens in June. Runners-up India were also in town but were quickly eliminated. Pat Cummins’ side triumphed over their subcontinental rivals, with tickets sold out on days three through five at the iconic stadium in south London. After nearly 20 matches over two years to reach a one-off penalty shootout, the winner took home $1.6 million.

England star Sam Curran Earn more on IPL contracts. Cricket’s reliance on the speed-dial format of IPL and T20 to generate cash fortunes was highlighted on the Test cricket. When fast-growing modern franchises feel thriving, traditions struggle.

“It’s huge for the format, you can ask anyone in the locker room, it’s our favorite format,” Cummins said in his defense of the test. Much of the love came from watching the classic Ashes It is one of the sport’s most enduring rivalries. It would be a huge draw if India and Pakistan could play each other in a bilateral series. The last time they did so in cricket was before the political intervention in 2007.

Just two years ago, there was an epic series in the UK that delivered exciting boxed entertainment over seven weeks. It’s still being talked about as a drama that goes beyond mere wins and losses. Tickets sold for four figures ahead of the final, also played at the Oval. Trading in the stock market fell 20% on Monday before the game as employees planned to attend the game. The ashes of 2005 have already entered the history books greatest series with A-list characters.

The late great Sean Vaughn became the last star in England before retiring from the national team. Kevin Pietersen, a skunk-haired swagger South African with a British mother, was chosen to attack Glenn McGrath and Warne’s bowling alley. Andrew Flintoff is an iron giant with firepower who can throw with a bat and a ball. Lancastrians empty bars like Ian Botham. Flintoff also consumed large amounts of liquid fuel the night before riding an open-top bus across Trafalgar Square to meet the country’s new sporting hero.

Turn the five-day competition into this A glorious summer for national sport is quite a feat. Cricket became the new football on the front page and back cover. A low-key two-Test series with the Bangladesh minnows was a warm-up show in front of the Australians. Liverpool played their first game against the Tigers at Rhodes the morning after their Champions League comeback against Milan in Istanbul. No wonder it was only a passing interest at the time. This is the sleeping calm before the storm.

Despite the tragic 7/7 attack in London just two weeks before Ashes began, the entire country was captivated by the spectacle. protector published a review article in 2014, claiming that “the ashes of 2005 will be very special because each Look, everyone can. ’ It was Channel 4’s last free-to-air Test cricket as Sky giants come to buy out the rights to a home game in England.

The following 2009 Ashes family series peaked at nearly 2 million viewers on a subscription model. Four years ago, it was calculated that more than 22 million spectators watched at least 30 minutes of cricket. The opportunity has come, but the zeitgeist has passed.

This summer bears some resemblance to that magical mystery tour of 18 years ago. England have won 11 of their 13 Test matches. They’re playing cricket and with a talisman captain Ben Stokes who wants his players to be rock stars, they’re a lovely bunch. There will be no domestic football as all competitions will end at the end of July.

This all comes at a price in many ways. The test series ended about a week after the school disbanded. Home bowler Stuart Broad said he hoped the Ashes would captivate the country and inspire kids like they did in 2005. The latter is more difficult to achieve when children are in class or exams. farea trouble running through the myopic rearview mirror of cricket, is also out of full reach of most people amid a cost of living crisis.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has decided to use much of the UK summer holidays to attract new audiences, check out Hundred, Twenty20’s boisterous neighbours. The quick, family-friendly and affordable game features global stars, colorful jerseys, funky franchise names and musical entertainment. It attracts more than 500,000 viewers in 2022, Interest in women’s game surges. Purists hate it, but times are changing.

For the next six weeks, the test crickets could breathe the oxygen in the ash. The latest installment showcased a large trailer. It’s show time. There is also a captive audience waiting.


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