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Entertainment coverage 22-25 June: Lively arts, music and shows in and around Manchester


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This week’s live entertainment in and around Manchester is brought to you by A. Robert Dionne of Ted Herbert Music School & Rentals.Email your entertainment to rob@majestictheatre.net deliberate. Be sure to add your event to InkLink community calendar May be included in live broadcast coverage on WMNH 95.3 (The Peter White Morning Show – “Entertainment World” airs every Thursday at 8 a.m.)

Featured Live Music

Thursday, June 22

The Latchkey Trio will perform at the City Hall Pub on June 22nd.

  • April Cushman / The Foundry (Manchester) / 5pm
  • Doug Thompson / Firefly (Manchester) / 5pm
  • Dave Zangri / Homestead (Merrimack) / 5:30 PM
  • Tim Kierstead / Fratello’s (Manchester) / 5:30pm
  • Gypsy Wild / Derryfield Deck (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Malcolm Salles / Common Man (Wyndham) / 6pm
  • Chris Lester / Cactus Jack’s (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Dave Clark / T-Bones (Concord) / 6pm
  • Ralph Allen / Merrimack / 7 PM
  • J-Lo / Stumble Inn (Londonderry) / 7pm
  • The Latchkey Trio / Guildhall Bar (Manchester) / 7pm
  • Lisa Marie / Strange Brew Tavern (Manchester) / 8pm

Friday, June 23

The Country Roads Band will perform at the Bonfire Country Bar on June 23rd.

  • Peter Pappas / The Hill Bar & Grille (Manchester) / 5:30pm
  • Joanne Cicatelli / Homestead (Merrimack) / 6pm
  • Lou Antonucci / Fratello’s (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Phil Jacques / KC’s Rib Shack (Manchester) / 6pm
  • KOHA / Firefly (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Kimayo / Backyard Brewery (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Tyler Levs / San Francisco Kitchen (Nashua) / 6:30 PM
  • Chris Gardner / Olympus Pizza (Manchester) / 7pm
  • It’s a Date / Driffield (Manchester) / 8pm
  • Whatsername / Stumble Inn (Londonderry) / 8pm
  • Redemption Trio / Telly’s (Epping) / 8pm
  • Country Road / Bonfire Country Pub (Manchester) / 9pm
  • New Nord, Northern Hands, The Doldrums, Faith Ann / Shaskeen Pub (Manchester) / 9pm
  • Johnny and the Twice Dater / Strange Brew Tavern (Manchester) / 9pm

Saturday, June 24

Kevin Horan will perform Hopknot at Hopknot on June 24th.

  • Paul Driscoll / New Hampshire Artisans Union (Concord) / 2 p.m.
  • Matt Litzinger / Great North Aleworks (Manchester) / 4pm
  • Jeff Mrozek / The Wild Rover (Manchester) / 5pm
  • Chris Gardner / Fratello’s (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Chuck Alaimo / Derryfield Deck (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Chris Taylor / Firefly (Manchester) / 6pm
  • D-Comp / KC’s Rib Shack (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Joe McDonald / Coach Station (Londonderry) / 6pm
  • Liz Ridgely / Murphy’s (Bedford) / 6pm
  • Scott King / Backyard Brewery (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Tom Boisse / The Foundry (Manchester) / 6pm
  • Chris Lester / Chen Yang Li (Bow) / 7pm
  • Kevin Horan / Hop Knot (Manchester) / 7pm
  • Lexi James / Bonfire Country Bar (Manchester) / 9pm

Sunday, June 25the th

Ali Baudry
Brunch with Alli Beaudry at Cafe la Reine North on June 25th.

  • Alli Beaudry / Cafe La Reine North (Manchester) / 11am
  • Lilly Innella / Copper Gate (Bedford) / 11 am
  • Nate Comp / Copper Gate (Salem) / 11 AM
  • Tom Rousseau / Stella Blu (Nashua) / 3pm
  • The Drift Duo / Stumble Inn (Londonderry) / 4pm
  • Henry Laliberte / Concord / 5 p.m.
  • Don Severence / Bernini’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar (Salem) / 5 p.m.

Be sure to check the venue’s website or social media for last minute changes Or check for tickets or entry requirements. Thanks to Notso Costley Productions, NH Music Collective and Bea’s Band List for their support and listings of local live music.

Featured Arts & Entertainment

Click on the DIRECT/x links for official links to purchase tickets for each event.

Thursday, June 22nd

ERIC GALES / Tupelo Music Hall (Derry) / 8pm – direct/x

Eric Gales is a blues firebrand. With 18 albums released in over 30 years, his passion for music and his insatiable desire to keep it alive never waned, even when his own light was dimmed by material struggles. Throughout, he continues to revive the art form through personal revelations in his lyrics and bold stylistic shifts in his guitar playing and songwriting. www.tupelomusichall.com or (603) 437-5100

Market Day / Downtown Concord / Through June 24 – free event

Market Days is a 3 day street festival curated by Intown Concord. The festival covers most of Main Street with over 150 vendors selling clothing, food, jewelry and more! In addition, the festival offers three live music stages featuring local and nationally acclaimed entertainers. www.marketdaysfestival.com/

British Rock Legends / LaBelle Winery (Derry) / 8pm – direct/x

Join us for an unforgettable show as ‘Legends of Brit Rock’ take you back to the golden age of Brit Rock music! Get ready to hear live covers from iconic artists like The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Led Zeppelin and more. Experience the band’s critically acclaimed and fast-growing musical and visual performances throughout the greatest decades of British rock! www.labellewinery.com or (603) 672-9898

Eagle Experience / LaBelle Winery (Amherst) / 8pm – direct/x

Join us for an unforgettable classic rock evening! The Eagles Experience takes you on a nostalgic journey to some of the Eagles’ greatest hits. Get ready to sing along to classics like Hotel California, Take It Easy, The Desperado, and experience the magic of the Eagles all over again! www.labellewinery.com or (603) 672-9898

Friday, June 23RD

Joseph and the Stunning Colorful Dreamcoat / Palace Theater (Manchester) – direct/x – Last weekend!

One of the most enduring exhibits ever exhibited, “Joseph and the Magic Colored Dreamcoat” re-enacts the biblical story of Joseph, his father Jacob, his eleven brothers, and his colorful coat. This is a sung musical comedy with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Based on the biblical book of Genesis, Joseph and the Magic Coat is a beloved family classic from a cantata written for the school choir. www.palacetheatre.org or (603) 668-5588

THE COLLEGE GAME – PLUS TWO / Hatbox Theater (Concord) / Through July 2 – direct/x

In three one-act plays: George Kelly’s College Game, Alan Lindsay’s What Happened One Afternoon, and Alan Lindsay’s Soup, the Granite playwrights return tradition, stinging at the frailties of our society with a mixture of desperation and compassion. , anger, humor.. www.hatboxnh.com or (603) 715-2315

Kashmir / Arts Center (Nashua) / 8pm – direct/x

Kashmir, the number one Led Zeppelin tribute show in the country, is Led Zeppelin’s truest representation on the modern national touring stage. Each of the 4 band members plays their role precisely. With its live stage presence, sound and likeness, Kashmir transports audiences and fans back to the days when the mighty Led Zeppelin ruled the music scene. Kashmir’s show features playlists from every classic rock station and some of the most recognizable sounds in rock history, including Page’s iconic double-neck guitar, Bonham’s drum solos, stage presence from the era, and most importantly, the compositional soundtrack of the greatest hits into people’s lives. https://nashuacenterforthearts.com/ or 800-657-8774

Saturday, June 24the th

CHRIS PINELLA: Sinatra at the Sands / Tupelo Hall (Delhi) / 6:00pm – direct/x

Step back to Las Vegas in 1966 and join powerhouse vocalist Chris Pinnella and his 14-piece big band live for the entirety of Frank’s iconic 1966 album, SINATRA AT THE SANDS. Featuring original adaptations of Count Basie and Quincy Jones heard on the record. “The music was stunning, including the final version of ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, ‘Come Fly With Me’ and ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’. (Rolling Stone) Old Blue was used throughout the performance Eyeing video clips of the band themselves, Mr. Sinatra tells jokes and writes songs, all allowing Pinnella’s star big band to effortlessly spin hit song after hit. www.tupelomusichall.com or (603) 437-5100

TRINITY: Tribute to Crosby, Steele, Nash and Young / Rex Theater (Manchester) / 7:30pm – direct/x

5 musicians play music and tell the story of one of the first ever “super bands” – Crosby, Steele, Nash and Young. Play all of CSNY’s classic hits, as well as songs from each member’s catalog, and you’ll be transported back to the days of peace and protest…when harmony and lyrics mattered. Back to the “golden age” of classic rock! With soaring harmonies, complex guitar work, piano/keyboards and a powerful rhythm section, TRINITY is a force unlike any other of its kind. A show worth seeing! www.rextheatre.org or (603) 668-5588

Sunday, June 25the th

Sleeping Beauty / Capitol Center (Concord) / 8pm – direct/x

Presented by Martin School of Dance (Bedford, NH), a private educational dance studio that teaches students of all ages and ability levels. www.ccanh.com or (603) 225-1111

Be sure to visit The WEEKENDER for more special happenings in town this weekend!


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